What was 'Restored' Through 

'The Restoration?' 



        The Plan of Salvation: requires Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Enduring to the end, not just a 'one time confession' that one 'believes' in Jesus.


        The reconciliation of 'Grace and Works':we are saved because of the merciful act of God in sacrificing His Son, Jesus Christ for sinners.This opens the way whereby men can once again be allowed in Gods presence, through repentance and following the commandments.We will be judged, at the judgment day, according to our works done during mortality.If we chose Christ and our works were good, we are allowed to stand on the right hand of God, having all sin forgiven due to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.This is choosing mercy, or as many call it, being 'saved by grace.'If we do not choose Christ, then we will be claimed by justice, which requires that sin be punished.This truth counters the notion among many Christians that one is saved by grace alone, and that works have no bearing.


        Priesthood:Authority, structure and purpose were all restored.


        Understanding of the fall of man:Adam's transgression.God's ultimate purpose for this creation is to bring us back into His presence.Driving Adam & Eve from the Garden was a merciful act by God, otherwise, Adam and Eve would have eaten of the fruit of Tree of Knowledge of Eternal Life, and would've had no opportunity to repent.Therefore, we live in the flesh so that repentance can be granted unto us for our own sins.We are not accountable for Adams original transgressions.


        Understanding of the fall of Satan:Satan, formerly Lucifer, an angel in Heaven, desired to Destroy the Agency of Man by forcing all to worship God, and desired the glory for himself (Satan).This was contrary to God's nature and desire.Christ, on the other hand,sought to allow men to choose God (in harmony with God's will), and desired the glory to be our Heavenly Father's.Satan's actions constituted rebellion.He and one third of the angels of Heaven who agreed with Lucifer, were ousted from Heaven.


        Understanding of Enoch and Zionís history and its prophesied return.


        Understanding of the covenants, specifically restoration of the Jews and lost tribes.


        Understanding of the purpose of the Law of Moses: it all pointed toward Christ, and was fulfilled in Christ's Death and resurrection.


        Understanding of the significance of Sacrifices: before and during the Law of Moses, they all pointed toward Christ's ultimate sacrifice.


        Baptismal covenant: What it was for, how it was to be administered, and by whom.


        Accountability:Children, and those who died 'without the law' are not accountable.


        Church Ordinances: Baby blessing, Baptism by Water, Baptism by the Holy Ghost, administration for the sick by laying on of hands, Patriarchal Blessings, Communion Prayers and procedures, visiting the homes of the Saints,


        Plain and precious truth of the Gospel through record of the Americas, to bear testimony regarding: 1) The restoration of the Jews to a knowledge of the covenants; 2) The restoration of the Remnant of Lamanites (American Indians) to a knowledge of their forefathers and covenants; 3) The Knowledge that Christ is the very eternal God. (These are all taken from the preface page of the Book of Mormon, where Mormon writes the 3 purposes for the book.)


        Understanding that Christ was with God and the plan of Salvation was 'in place'since the beginning of time, not somehow arriving in history at the time of Christ's birth.