The Map

The picture below is a map.  

While a map has colorful lines for roads, and a blue mass for water, the map is neither the destination, nor a close depiction of the real destination.  Rather, it's a mere a way to point one toward the destination.... 

Unfollowed, a map serves little purpose but to suggest a vast destination exists.  To benefit, one must travel it's road.... 

Is a picture of the ocean the real ocean?  No.  Similarly, can one know God by only reading about him?  No, but if one takes the journey the gospel map describes, one can spiritually meet him face to face.  This happens when we turn from sin and exercise faith.

The gospel of Jesus is like this map to the in itself is not the destination.  To ponder only, without taking its journey, would be like to forever analyze this plot, but never travel its roads, to only contemplate the ocean destination may really be like.  Taking the journey means to not only believe--but to believe, obey, apply and do.

God, like the ocean, is the Gospel's ultimate destination.  Sadly, many never follow the gospel's plan.  As different as a map's flat blue picture is from the rolling azure sea, so too is discovering the real power of God's spirit in the midst of ancient text.

Faith in the terrestrial map will lead you through sun drenched roads and rain-swept highways.  Faith in a road map means you follow it, even when you canít see the next turn in front of you.  It will direct you, through the storms and torrential rain, to the ultimate destination.

Faith in the celestial map, the gospel, will lead you through spirit-soaked days in mountain heights and comfort though the valley of life's sorrows.  Having faith in God's map, will provide a covering in heat, a shelter in storm, a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your soul.  Follow it, God is at the helm to bring you back to Him.



Follow God's map, and you'll discover face to face that: God is as the powerful waves, to sweep over you; 

His love is as waters deep, to envelop you; 

His promises are sure as its shores are warm and solid, to hold you; 

His spirit is as the current  strong, to pull you out, and make you one with it. 


The gospel of Jesus is like the map.  It is a guide to the ultimate destination.  One can only get to the real God, and the power He wishes to share with us, by following its direction.  

The scripture itself, is not God, but His path to direct us to Him.  Once we submit to its directives, and follow it to God, only then can awe in its majesty, imagine its expanse, confess our insignificance, and partake in its overwhelming power.



There is joy in meeting God, untold power and wonder.  One meets old friends, and can be immersed in 

His love, when we gather to worship in the real God's presence.  His expanse defies human vision;  His depth, an unknown wonder;  
His power swells over and consummates the soul.


The waves of God's Spirit....yielding to its power can make you one with Him.

He Is as the sea that surges, and desires your immersion in His overpowering love...



He provides the safe-haven of a father's arms...  

He welcomes you with your little ones, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven...



He is warm as a sun-soaked beach, and invites solitude and reflection at His side.  

His spirit washes, surges, looms, and presides peacefully nearby.  

His supremacy keeps life's storms at bay.


But the final message of the map, and the enduring message of the Gospel is clear:  Only those who follow the map... 

will meet Him at the ultimate Destination.

God invites to journey back to Him...