Marriage---What The Culture Isn't Telling Us


Confused by the Culture

Questions answered:

Confused by the culture’s message regarding Marriage?

The Church and society thirst for truth regarding marriage.  Christians inundated by society's message on marrage feel challenged by societal pressures and notions. Sadly, and unknowingly, churches and Christians begin substituting notions as gospel. 

The following paper sets the story straight.

Some ask:

“If any two people love each other, can’t they get married?”

“Weren’t the authors of scripture chauvinists in a male-dominated society”

‘What constitutes a marriage, and what does not constitute marriage, etc?”

“If God authored marriage, why does there seem to be so relatively little in the bible regarding marriage? Why don’t multiple chapters exist giving guidance regarding how we are to act in our marriages”

“Aren’t roles in marriage just silly traditions?”

"If marriage is so important, doesn’t it seem like marriage truth would be obvious, especially in the Bible?

These, and questions like them, are at the forefront of God's people. And understanding marriage is of utmost importance.

But, if marriage is so important, doesn’t it seem like truth regarding marriage would be self-evident, especially in the Bible?

So the question remains:  why are we as Christians so confused? Especially when we seek truth from scripture?

We Have Failed to Understand the Symbols

So how does God specifically answer those questions to us in scripture?  Those answers are given as symbols.  Specifically symbols that teach spiritual and heavenly principles--which we physicall live out here on this earth. A basic spiritual symble, perhaps the first symbol established in Scripture, was the symbol of God's future marriage to His Bride, the church.

Marriage answers become plain once we realize that the entire Bible is a ‘marriage manual.’  Not a marriage manual in what Christians have come to understand as a 'guidebook' for human spouses seeking to keep the flame alive, or sage counsel through rough spots in the relationship; it is actually all that, but it is so much more. 

The answers become plain once we realize this: all scripture serves as the marriage manual describing the future union of the Creator and His creation. The spiritual lessons are taught and reinforced by humans 'acting out' the symbols in our daily lives.

Marriage was given for us to learn about and act out an important spiritual principle: Marriage for man is a teaching metaphor to teach us about Him and His relationship to us.

Once we understand that the Bible is ‘God’s marriage manual’ for the relationship of the church and him, the whole of scripture begins to unfold.  And with this understanding, truth regarding marriage becomes plain.

Scripture provides bedrock foundation regarding what marriage is and what it is not.  Scripture shares with us only ‘what’ but also answers the questions ‘why.’

Important Point: God gave marriage to humanity as a primary teaching tool for us to learn about Him and His relationship with us.  Marriage becomes the greatest symbol ever given mankind to teach us about him. When we understand the intent of His symbols, the understanding comes easy.

If we destroy the symbols, for instance mansculinity and femininity--the meaning is lost.

Said in another way, marriage wasn’t created to be for and about man alone.  Instead, marriage was given to man as a shadow to teach the relationship between God and the Church (i.e. those of mankind who follow Him). 

KEY PRINCIPLE:  Marriage for mankind is to reflect our understanding of God’s marriage to the Church.

The above statement is very important. Once we understand this key principle, the rest of marriage—what is correct and incorrect—begins to fall in place.

To understand marriage for man, we have to first understand scriptural symbols God gave regarding His relationship to mankind, and our response to him. Once we understand those symbols, then we live in marriage as a ‘demonstration of knowledge’ to him that we understand his path.

Key Point: God used symbols of marriage for humans to live by as a way of teaching them in the physical, about a spiritual relationship between Him and the Church.  This understanding becomes the bedrock of all scripture and the secret to obtaining happiness in marriage here on earth. 

Understanding the symbols also clearly defines boundaries for marriage and helps sort out murky notions set forth by the culture.

All commandments given regarding marriage for man, were first meant as teaching tools regarding God and the church. Regarding marriage, Paul explains: 

Ephesians 5:32 This is a great mystery; but I speak concerning Christ and the church.

Key Point: Marriage for humans, at its essence, is a metaphor for this ‘great mystery’ concerning Christ and the Church. 

All marriage commandments for men and women first had a spiritual God-church relationship at its core.

For instance, the statement that ‘The Woman was created for man’ seems harsh to many people.  They ask, where are my rights?  Shouldn’t we be equal?  Aren’t we both made for each other?  These questions miss the primary purpose of the commandment. 

The woman being created for man symbolizes the spiritual truth that The Church (symbolized by the woman) was created for God, and God wasn’t created for the church.  When we consider it in those terms, truth becomes obvious.  It is as if we say “OK, then, God is teaching me to live out my marriage in a way that the Church should live out its relationship with God.”

Commandments are given for this purpose:  to teach us regarding the mystery.  Men are to live for their wives, as Christ lived for the church, laying down their lives in love.  Likewise, women are to live in marriage to their husbands, as the church is to live for its King, setting aside their self-will, honoring their husbands.
The following facts provide greater explanation.

Marriage is a Teaching Metaphor.

  • Scripture’s primary purpose is to teach people about God’s relationship with humanity. God uses symbols in scripture—symbolic teaching tools-- to teach of things he wants us to understand.  The symbols are designed to teach us truth about Him and His purposes for us. 

  • In scripture, the primary symbol God uses to teach humanity about our relationship with Him is Marriage. Marriage is the fundamental teaching metaphor given from the beginning.  It was first given, not just to man for man, but to man for learning about God.  For instance, “two becoming one” is first about God and the church in the spirit; we acknowledge that truth by a man and woman living as one in the flesh.

  • In God’s great plan to teach us, the Church (humanity) is symbolized by a woman, and God is symbolized by the man.  Herein lies a fundamental lesson explaining why true marriage is only between a man and woman in scripture.  Marriage is the primary teaching/illustrative tool God gave man.  To understand the plan requires humans to abide by it.  The metaphor only contains truth when shared in by a man and woman.

  • Key PointNever in scripture does the man symbolize the church, nor does the woman ever symbolize God.  The symbols are specifically given for us to abide by, because in so doing, it increases our knowledge and understanding of God.

  • Marriage is like a great Allegory, that we are commanded to live out according to God’s symbols and not our own.

  • When we understand the symbol that God intended marriage to be, the whole of scripture becomes a ‘marriage manual’ designed to teach us about God.  When we respond by living out that symbol in our own relationships of marriage, it opens the door to satisfying and fulfilling marriages.

  • The grand destiny of scripture points to the day when the Lord returns to be with His bride, the church.  Their eternal union follows.  This marriage is the dominant symbol throughout all scripture. Marriage between a man and woman symbolizes the future union of God and humanity. 

    Revelation 19:7 Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to him; for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.

  • In the Hebrew marriage custom, the groom would propose to the bride then leave to prepare a home for them to dwell in.  Once the home was prepared, he would return for his bride, unannounced, even at night, and declare that the time for their marriage had come.  That is why Jesus said “I go and prepare a place for you.”  The bride was watching and ready, also too, the wise virgins were waiting, ready, for the return of the bridegroom.

John 14:3 And when I go, I will prepare a place for you, and come again and receive you unto myself; that where I am, ye may be also.

Matthew 25:6 Then all those virgins arose, and trimmed their lamps.

DC 32:3e wherefore, be faithful, praying always, having your lamps trimmed and burning, and oil with you, that you may be ready at the coming of the Bridegroom; for, behold, verily, verily I say unto you, that I come quickly; even so. Amen.

The Spiritual Symbolism of Marriage

  • The point of a man and woman coming together in marriage is to remind us that God will join his church and be with them forever.

  • Key Point:  Scriptural symbols exist as teaching tools only for a finite time.  When their purpose is fulfilled, they are done.

    • Example:  Before Jesus’ death on the cross, unblemished lambs were sacrificed on Passover teaching that Jesus would be the sinless sacrifice for humanity.  Once Jesus’ life ended, the point of the animal sacrifices was complete.  That is to say, there was no more purpose to sacrifice animals because that purpose had been fulfilled. That is why we no longer sacrifice animals—the symbol and lesson has served its purpose and is in the past.  Likewise, Marriage only exists on this earth and life as a symbol to teach us of the future joining of God and the church.  Once he comes for us and there is a new heaven and new earth, the purpose of the symbol of marriage will be fulfilled.  The marriage symbol will have been fulfilled, and marriage no longer shall exist.

  • Key Point: this explains when the people asked Jesus regarding a woman who had many husbands, which one would she be married to in heaven, Jesus said "none of them." He continued saying that they didn’t understand the scriptures or the power of heaven.  Marriage is a lesson to teach us humans on earth for what is to come.  People in heaven already understand this lesson in heaven, its purpose there is meaningless.  That is why there is not marriage as we know it in eternity.  Its purpose has been fulfilled. 

  • This is why the notion of ‘eternal marriage’ is false.  Marriage is only a teaching tool for this life.  Once we as a church are ‘spiritually married’ to God in his Kingdom, the teaching metaphor is over.  The notion that families continue to procreate in the manner we do here on earth is an idea of man, and has no spiritual parallel.  Remember, God gives us a pattern in all things so we won’t be deceived. Because of the Restoration of the Gospel, it is certain no Eternal Marriage exists for humans beyond this life.

  • Just like with the Mosaic Law that was eventually fulfilled and done, marriage will be the same way—it will have an end.  We either understand the lesson now or we don’t.  Either way, some day it will be fulfilled.

  • The product of marriage between a man and woman generally results in children—biologically created by their union. The symbol of the future union between God and the church when He returns is the Kingdom—i.e. the ‘offspring’ created by the spiritual union.  In Revelation, the church is symbolized as a woman about to give birth and a dragon (Satan) trying to devour the Kingdom so it cannot live.  Satan wants to destroy the Kingdom of God.  (Revelation 12:4)

  • Revelation also uses a woman symbolically to denote the world and its attempt to deceive the church.  This time, however, the woman was a harlot. 

  • Revelation 17:5 And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon The Great, The mother of harlots and abominations of the earth.

Things we do in marriage that symbolize His relationship to us:

  • We ‘take upon us the name of Christ’ at baptism; therefore in marriage the woman fully takes on the name of her husband

  • The church is to be modest in its appearance, not attracting people by its looks, but by its character; Therefore, the counsel for modest dress by women physically symbolizes what God wanted spiritually for the church—i.e. he didn’t want a flashy church, one that would draw people to it based on its appearance instead of substance.

  • Why did Paul and others delight in the chastity of women?  Again, because God wanted a ‘chaste’ church first, not one that had fornicated itself with the world.  God therefore asks men and women to emulate this belief by their behavior.

  • The move by some churches toward’s 'gender neutrality' in our day is completely opposite God’s plan.  The references to gender are strong and significant symbols given by GOD to teach us about Him and the Church.  Some think by removing masculine references to God they are doing others a favor. This is done under the guise of ‘helping those who have been injured by men.’  This is a distortion of the truth and mocks God’s plan.  In Isaiah’s day, the wayward church took gender neutral to new lows—the people’s understanding had become so watered down, they ‘worshipped the Queen of Heaven.’  Masculine and feminine attributes were God-given important teaching tools not to be cast aside.

  • Malachi writes that healing to the nations will come when the hearts of the children turn to their Fathers. The vast majority of society's problems are rooted in broken relationships between children and their fathers. The masculine reference to God is paramount to understand this future healing. He Is a loving Father, who seeks good for His children. This is the healing the world needs.

    Malachi 4:6 And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

Marriage from The Garden of Eden

  • The symbol for marriage originated in the Garden of Eden and that symbol has been perpetuated through time.  The symbols of garden of Eden lay down the foundation for all the tenants of God’s message to humanity:

  • God breathed his own life into his creation-Adam- and it became alive in his image. Adam was a type for Christ.

  • Adam was formed from the earth, but the woman was formed from Adam.  Likewise, the church has life only because of Jesus—no other element on earth created the Church or gives life to the church.

  • Adam was put to sleep, and a portion of him used to create Eve.  This sleep symbolized death. Adam’s symbolic death, and the new life that came from it (Eve) symbolized Jesus’ laying down his life in death, and from his death the church would have life.

  • Adam didn’t ignorantly eat the forbidden fruit.  By partaking, Adam took on sin.  It meant he would be cast out of God’s presence, and he knew that.  Likewise, his actions symbolized that Christ would also have to (willingly) take on our sin in order to ‘be with us.’  (“No man takes my life, I give it willingly.”)

  • When God questions Adam regarding why he chose to eat, his answer is telling:  he stated, ‘because you commanded me that I was to remain with her,” implying he knew that she was going to be cast out, and he had to go after here where she was going to be—outside of the Garden, just like earth for Jesus was outside of Heaven.

    Genesis 3:17 And the man said, The woman whom thou gavest me, and commanded that she should remain with me, she gave me of the fruit of the tree, and I did eat.

  • Adam went after her, taking sin upon himself, to be like her. This was a type for what Christ did for the church. He left heaven to be with us, in our sinful state, on earth.

  • While in the Garden, Adam and Eve lived in God’s presence. Being cast out of the garden symbolized mankind spiritually dying ‘the First Death’—that is, to be cast out of God’s presence. That caused an eternal problem—nothing with sin could come back to God in his presence.  To come back into His presence, required an eternal payment for sin—man could not provide this on his own, God had to pay the price.

    1 Corinthians 15:22 For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.

Cain and Able’s story reveals an important point about symbols—they are to be followed with understanding and care.

  • Just outside the Garden, another symbol was revealed, that was the symbol of animal sacrifice.

  • Cain and Able were both instructed to offer sacrifices.  Animal sacrifices were commanded by God to man to teach about the sacrifice of Jesus.  Contrary to heathen believe that sacrifices were to ‘appease an angry God,’ instead, sacrifices were a metaphor to teach about Jesus.  God Himself would offer his life through Jesus Christ as a payment for sin.  

  • Specifically, Adam was commanded to offer sacrifices, and one day the angel of God explains why:

     Genesis 4:7 And then the angel spake, saying, This thing is a similitude of the sacrifice of the Only Begotten of the Father, which is full of grace and truth;

  • Important Point: An animal was sacrificed symbolically to teach of the sacrifice of Jesus.

  • Cain and Abel’s knowledge of sacrifice obviously came from their father Adam, as he learned it from God.

  • But problems arose when the symbols were not adhered to.

  • Able offered the sacrifice that symbolized the death of Jesus—i.e. a sacrificed animal—thereby demonstrating ‘I understand, Lord, that you will be offered as a sacrifice for our sin.’

  • Cain, on the other hand, was tempted by Satan to offer a non-blood sacrifice.  Remember, Satan fully understands the purposes of symbols and wants us to pervert them. Satan’s goal is to turn around these symbols and simply mock God.

  • Cain offered a fruit basket, more or less as his sacrifice. Note, later in scripture fruits, grains, etc. were given at certain times as sacrifices, but these never symbolized the sacrifice of Jesus.  These were directed for other symbolic purposes.  For Cain and Able, sacrifice was specifically to teach them of the ultimate sacrifice--the Creator would be sacrificed for the creation.  Satan wanted to spoil that understanding for Cain, and mock God in the process.

  • Cain’s willful ignoring of the symbol of sacrifice led to greater sin.  Likewise, when humans willfully disregard the teachings of God through the symbols he has provided, we open ourselves to greater error.

Satan’s distortion of Marriage

  • Since marriage is such a powerful symbol from heaven, it is no wonder that Satan works so hard to distort this symbol on earth.

  • Know that Satan understands the meanings and intent of these symbols perfectly--and he will use them to pervert the purpose of God’s teaching tool.

  • Satan perverts our understanding by suggesting that any two people coming together in a ‘union’ is the same as ‘marriage.’  Marriage is a spiritual union designed to teach God’s plan--that teaching symbol is only plausible between a man and woman committed emotionally, physically and spiritually to each other.

  • Satan teaches that if people ‘are not happy’ or ‘the fire has burned out’ then divorce is the solution.  God’s plan for us, his thoughts for us, never include divorce from us. Therefore, he abides with his arm out-stretched to us, remaining faithful, even when we are unfaithful.  Satan distorts God’s plan by making divorce an alternative to patience and long-suffering.

  • Throughout time, Satan distorts God’s symbols used to teach humans simply as a means to mock God.  When we follow those distorted symbols, we simply serve as useful pawns in the battle against God’s plan for us.

Lessons about Marriage from the Old Testament

  • In the Old Testament days, God desired the prophets and priests to marry virgins. (Leviticus 21:13)The prophet was a type for God; the woman (virgin) was a type for what the church was expected to be—untarnished and pure.  Their marriage symbolized the joining of God with an ‘untarnished’ church—i.e. the state of the church when he comes to us: forgiven, pure and free.

  • At times the church was likened to a harlot.  This was because the church through time had become unprincipled and unfaithful.  At a time when God’s people were extremely sinful, the prophet Hosea was commanded to marry not a virgin but a harlot as a testimony against the people of what the relationship of God and the church was at the time.

    Isaiah 62:5 For as a young man marrieth a virgin, so shall thy God marry thee; and as the bridegroom rejoiceth over the bride, so shall thy God rejoice over thee.

  • Under the Mosaic Law, a woman and man were forbidden to have contact during and shortly after a woman's menstrual cycle. It seems harsh, but she was labeled 'unclean.' The Law forbade physical contact at any time. While there was nothing sinful about women because of this, the metaphor remains: there would be a time because of the 'church being unclean' that no 'spiritual intimacy' would occur with God. A day will come when the 'uncleanness' of the church will be over and a day of spiritual intimacy would occur..

  • Why did Sarah call Abraham “Lord?”  Was it because Abraham was so godly?  Perhaps, but probably not.  It suggests something else instead.  Sarah called Abraham ‘Lord’ simply because she knew the relationship that she had in her marriage, and desired to live out her life with her husband as the church should with its God.

    1 Peter 3:6 Even as Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him lord; whose daughters ye are, as long as ye do will, and are not afraid with any amazement.

Lessons about Marriage and the Culture Today

  • Marriage is not something the culture made up for itself.  Marriage was given by God to mankind as a tool to teach us about Him.  Although the culture wants to believe it can simply write laws and re-define marriage, we can’t alter God’s laws, despite man’s best efforts.

  • The reality is this:  humans can’t change God’s laws, purposes, or symbols any more than we can change gravity.  Whether the culture or even the church calls unions ‘marriage’ doesn’t mean God’s view of them has changed, nor has the purpose of the symbol changed.

    Ephesians 5:32 This is a great mystery; but I speak concerning Christ and the church.

  • Since the symbol of marriage requires a man and woman typifying God and the church, the symbol of a homosexual marriage is counter to the symbol that exists for marriage.  If marriage on earth is to ‘act out’ our understanding of the spiritual relationship between God and the church then consider the following:

    • Two men coming together in a ‘marriage’ suggests that God will be with Himself and doesn’t need the church.

    • Two women coming together in a ‘marriage’ implies that the church only needs the church and doesn’t need God.

    This is why the Old Testament simply used this word to describe unfortunate relationships between same humans, in-laws or animals:  “it is confusion.”  It doesn’t fit the symbol. Leviticus 18:23

  • The reason marriage is, and must remain only between a man and woman is because anything else mocks God and His symbols He designed to teach us.

  • In Scripture, if we understand the symbol of the lesson, we will understand the point of the lesson.

  • Two men or two women confessing love for each other and desiring to remain with each other does not spiritually constitute marriage.  It is contrary to the symbol, lesson and purpose of Marriage.  This notion of the culture destroys the symbol of God, mocking the lesson of God.

Of Marriage and Divorce, Polygamy and Re-Marriage

  • Why did Jesus not condone divorce?  Because symbolically God would never ‘divorce’ the church. While the people wanted provision for divorce in Jesus’ day, Jesus stated “since the beginning it was not so.”  In other words, in the pure purpose of God, divorce worked contrary to the symbol.

    Matthew 19:7-8 They say unto him, Why did Moses then command to give a writing of divorcement, and to put her away? He said unto them, Moses, because of the hardness of your heats, suffered you to put away your wives; but from the beginning it was not so.

  • Why only one man and one woman (i.e. not polygamy)?  Answer: Because God said he has (only) one church, not many churches.  His church through time are those who have received the Holy Spirit and abide in Him through faith.  Joseph Smith certainly understood this as a prophet ordained by God; while men around him debased themselves, falling into polygamist unions forbidden by God, certainly the prophet had true understanding regarding the falsehood of Polygamy.  If Polygamy were justified by God in true marriage, then it symbolized that God would have many churches, which he does not.

    Ephesians 4:5 One Lord, one faith, one baptism,

  • Why was someone not allowed to remarry unless their companion had passed away?  This taught the symbolism of the old covenant (Mosaic Law) and the new covenant (Law of Christ).  God’s people were at one time ‘married’ to him under laws of sacrifice and ritual. These all pointed towards the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.  When Jesus died on the cross, these old laws were done away (like the former wife passing away).  When we became joined to him in faith, it was like a new marriage.  The story of Abraham’s wives—one a slave, the other free—served as a symbol of this covenant.  God’s people were enslaved under the Mosaic Law; God’s people were free under the Law of Christ.

Regarding Abraham’s marriage to Hagar and Sarah:

Galatians 4:24 Which things are an allegory; for these are the two covenants; the one from the mount Sinai, which gendereth to bondage, which as Agar

Sex inside and outside of Marriage

Why is sex to be reserved for marriage?

The reason sexual intimacy is reserved for marriage, and also why children should be born within wedlock is because the symbol teaches that the marriage of God and the church (first) produces the Kingdom (after). 

The Kingdom doesn’t come before the marriage union between God and the Church, the kingdom doesn’t come by flirtation with multiple churches, or by multiple kings.  One God, one church united, produce the kingdom. 

This is why the symbol of a man and woman not participating in fornication and adultery is so important.  God would never spiritually fornicate with other churches.  The church must spiritual wait to be ‘intimate’ with our God and not gods of the world.  (Revelation 19:7)

  • There is a reason why two men together and likewise two women together cannot naturally produce offspring—it is counter to the symbol that can only occur between a man and a woman. The Kingdom is not created by the church being with another church (i.e. two women) or God seeking another god (i.e. two men).

  • Saving physical and emotional sexual relations for marriage honors the plan and symbol that God designed.  His ‘intimacy’ with the church only happens after his union in ‘marriage’ when he returns again for his bride.

  • Physical sex without a spiritual union mocks God’s plan.  Just another tool of Satan.

Facts to help your marriage

  • Marriage is a great allegory that we are to continue to live out.  We are imperfect people asked to play out our roles perfectly.

  • When we understand the symbols, scriptures no longer cause feelings of confusion or offense.  For instance, the biblical teaching that the Woman was created for man, has caused some to call scripture in Paul’s day ‘male dominant’ or ‘chauvinistic.’  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The Bible states that the woman is created for the man because it symbolizes the church was created for God.  Consider this:  did the church create God by its doing, for its purposes?  Of course not.  So why should the symbol teach something contrary?  Furthermore, why should we live contrary to the lesson God wants us to learn about His purpose?

  • Christ the head of the church.  Symbolically, that is why men are to be the spiritual head of the home.  Consider this:  Is the church the head of God?  Of course not.  So the symbol reflects the relationship he desires us to learn.  It is not that men are somehow perfect, deserving, or inherently capable—it is simply the order God desires us to learn.

    Romans 13:1 Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power in the church but of God; the powers that be are ordained of God.

  • The culture, and even some Christian churches, insinuate that Paul was a chauvinist and further, that New Testament scriptures made women second class for cultural reasons.  These reasons are not true.  Instead, the ancients fully understood that our marriages are to symbolize the relationship between God and His people and they fully engaged in that behavior as a testimony to God that living those roles demonstrated to God that ‘we get’ his lesson.  When Paul wrote of women being submissive to their husbands, he also wrote of men loving their wives as themselves.  The woman being submissive to the husband was not culturally persuaded, but spiritually:  the church is supposed to be submissive to God.  We act out our understanding of this to God and demonstrate it by women being submissive to their husbands.  Is the church not supposed to be submissive to God?

  • You see, the point is that these scriptures are NOT ABOUT US.  THEY ARE ABOUT GOD.  When we understand this, the lessons become easy.  Otherwise we endlessly live in confusion.  Women ‘decide’ if they think they might want to practice submission; men not sure if they want to live selfishly.  These notions have no place in the purpose of God’s plan.  If we understand the symbol, then we will act it out in our lives to demonstrate understanding to God of his lessons.

  • A willfully loving, serving, following (i.e. submissive) wife demonstrates to God daily that the church is supposed to love, serve, follow and submit to God.

  • A loving, serving man, willing to lay down his life for his family (i.e. never put himself first) symbolizes to God he understands that Jesus willingly laid down His life for us. There is no place for selfish motives in the role of a man in his marriage.  God doesn’t yell at the church or treat it unkindly in anyway.  God doesn’t demand the church ‘wait on him’ either. 

Go and do likewise.

Take home points:

  • Why was marriage created? Marriage was created by God as a symbol to teach about Christ and the church.

  • How does God teach us? He teaches us through the use of symbols. We demonstrate understanding when we abide by the teaching of the symbols. Regarding marriage, the symbol only 'works' when heterosexual couples are married.

  • The roles and relationships between man and women are specifically commanded in order to teach us about God and the church.

  • Is Eternal marriage true? No. Marriage is only for this life, this existance because it is a teaching tool

  • Is homosexual 'marriage' the same as heteosexual marriage? No, because the relationship between God and the church is always and only symbolized between a man and woman, never two men, never two women. The scriptural pattern is only between a man and woman to teach us of this eternal truth.

  • Is God really a Father? Masculinity and femininity were created by God from the beginning. The symbol of God being a father is essential to understanding our relationship with him. Gender neutrality regarding God misses the point and purpose about Himself that God wanted to teach. Healing and help come from knowing that God is a loving Heavenly Father.


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