Sexuality and Scripture

Without apology, this paper speaks directly regarding sexuality and specifically homosexuality as it relates to the scriptures. 

People are desperately searching for answers regarding sexuality as it faces the world in general, but specifically its place in the Christian church. Here is an attempt to provide some of those answers.


Scripture Searching 'Sexuality' and 'Homosexuality'

A scripture search won't return any results when searching for popular words/phrases like "sex," "Gay," "homosexual," or "promiscuity", although these are words frequently entered in the word search.  It points out a real need to have these questions answered.

Before starting your word search, one important point needs to be established: sexual relations are created by God for His beautiful purposes as He intended.  It is a wonderful gift from Him to enjoy sexuality within the boundaries he has designed. 

The problem is, sexuality practiced by humans is seemingly more often misused than used correctly.  While scripture discusses the beautiful parallels between a human marriage and God's covenant with the church, more often than not, scriptures regarding sexuality often deal with the ‘mis-use’ of sexual desire from humans. 

We are not unique in our day.  It has happened throughout the ages.

When searching for answers in scripture regarding sexuality, it helps to know the words that were actually used to discuss sexuality in Biblical days.  While all books of scripture (Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants) contain guidance on sexuality, more often the Old Testament had direct verses dealing with the subject.

Here are some words to search for regarding sexuality and homosexuality from the Bible. Click on the links to directly search these terms:

"Adultery", and any derivative of the word (Adulterer, adulteress, search the partial word 'adult' for many related results). All scripture forbids. Originally dealt with physical acts of sex outside of marriage, but Jesus clarified that it is more over a sin of the heart--whoso looks upon a woman to lust after her, has committed adultery in his heart. God in Old Testament times called the backsliding church "an adulteress."

"Fornication" and derivative of the word (Fornicate, fornicator, etc.  Search the partial word 'forni" for many related results)

"lie with" (Sometimes related to 'dying' such as in " I go to lie with my fathers' but more often referring to sexual acts in bed).  Men were forbidden to "lie with" men, women with women, etc.

"lie, beast" this search returns the scriptures describing forbidden acts of human/animal sexuality.

"lie with me" phrase used by lustful people (like Potiphar's wife to Joseph) enticing someone to engage in sex.

"mankind lie with" Forbidding for men to "lie down" (sexually) as they do with women. Mosaic Law forbade with punishment of death, parallel to spiritual death.

"It is confusion"..."confusion" how aptly named to describe unsanctioned sexual relations.

"leaving the natural use of the woman", "men, burned", "men with men"  "lust burned" All these references by Paul occur in one chapter describing the obvious, men leaving women, lusting for other men, being called "unseemly."

"that we may know him" "that we may know them" Genesis and Judges use this expression which came from people desiring sexual relations with someone. Their desire to know was referred to as wickedness and folly because the term "to Know" had sexual implications. In scripture, the term "to know" also expressed desire for greater spiritual closeness, like "God, I want to Know You better." But in biblical times, would also imply sexual closeness.

"uncover nakedness"  a state of being revealed completely.  Only a married man and woman could share their nakedness completely.  For all others, viewing another's nakedness was sin.  What is our culture trying to teach us about nakedness?  That viewing another naked is OK perhaps?  The biblical pattern teaches that It is not. What does this teach about what the culture is trying to do through media?  Perhaps to believe you can break the commandments and think it is OK because it makes one feel good.

"seed" besides the horticultural reference to seeds (for planting) a man's "seed" were his children or descendents that were born from him

"seed of copulation" a man's semen.

"her fountain" a woman's reproductive area, also menstrual flow from

lust” carnal, sensual desire based from fleshly motives.

Effeminate” Only used once in the New Testament, but Strong's translates to mean:

1) soft, soft to the touch

2) metaph. in a bad sense

a) effeminate

1) of a catamite

2) of a boy kept for homosexual relations with a man

3) of a male who submits his body to unnatural lewdness

4) of a male prostitute

"Effeminate" is associated with adulterers and 'abusers of those with Mankind." Here, effeminate people are abusing themselves with mankind. Mankind was a specific reference to the male gender.

"Knew his wife" Adam 'knew his wife,' and she bare unto him sons and daughters...referring to sexually knowing someone.  The men of Sodom wanted 'To Know' the city's new male visitors....any wonder why?

"Whore, whoredom" a woman who had sex outside of marriage, with no moral regard for others or herself. The church, when at its worse, was sometimes compared to a whore.

"Sodomite" From the Old Testament, Strong's translation of the Hebrew was a "male temple prostitute." Do you think male prostitutes arrived on the temple scene immediately in the Old Testament? No. It happened overtime by a continual eroding of the church's values.

"Concubine" a female prostitute, unmarried.

"Chastity and Virtue" Book of Mormon describes a scene where Nephite girls women are sexually assaulted before being tortured and killed.

"God Delights in Chastity of women" Another Book of Mormon clarification regarding God's desire for women to be sexually pure and morally chaste.


Fornication and Adultery

So what is Fornication anyhow?

Fornication--translated from the Greek means 'sexual immorality.' 

It comes from the Greek word 'pornea'-- you may recognize the root.  Today’s word 'Pornography' literally comes from this word, and by understanding the root, one sees a deeper concern by definition--it is not just viewing nakedness or viewing sexual acts, it is the viewing of sexual immorality.

Our culture has slipped in its understanding of fornication:  Some modern Christians were led to believe that fornication meant 'intercourse' between unmarried people while adultery meant 'intercourse outside of marriage' with someone else.

From God's word, Fornication means sexual immorality between or by anyone, irregardless of marriage. It is a greater condemnation than just single sexual act, while including sexual acts, it includes thoughts, words, intents of the heart.

Adultery is not confined to a physical act, although that is the final expression of it. Jesus defined adultery as sexual lust for another from within ones heart, without a physical act occurring.

In other words, a lot of Christian teens in our generation were and are led to believe that if they don't 'go all the way' they are not committing fornication.  God wants us to live to a higher standard, one that saves us from the despair of sin caused by misuse of sexual expression.

We need our children to understand that any relationship between an unmarried man and woman that involves touching of any sexual area, sexual stimulation physically or mentally, or discussion of sexual pleasure, is part of the immorality of fornication--i.e. sexual immorality--and displeases God, violating His laws for us. His laws are designed to provide us ultimate happiness through obedience, disregard for them brings misery and despair.

Our culture would imply Paul was condemning only those who had pre-marital physical sexual intercourse and call that fornication. Likewise, they would label physical sex outside of marriage for a husband and wife adultery.

But the real definitions imply a broader condemnation: fornication was sexual immorality of any kind. Adultery starts with covenant-breaking lusts from the heart, not just a physical act.  Our people today need to know where the moral boundaries start and end. 

They start with our thoughts, prior to our actions.  Our thoughts will condemn us at the last day, said Alma and King Benjamin.


A Pattern in All Things

Some people incorrectly support statements like: "that is why we need homosexual marriage in the world and in the church--so that homosexuals can then perform their acts within the sanctity of marriage!"  Oh really? 

What then is the pattern for marriage?  Read on.

The Doctrine and Covenants correctly teaches that God gives a PATTERN IN ALL THINGS.  And for what reason?  "SO THAT YOU WOULD NOT BE DECEIVED."  Clear wording, isn't it? And why, because Satan is abroad seeking to deceive us.

So what is the pattern God gave?   He brought a woman to a man, born out of the man's own flesh, and they were united in covenant to be fruitful and multiply. 

God has always taught by the physical, what he wanted us to learn about the spiritual.  That was the whole idea behind unblemished lambs sacrificed to atone for Israel's sins--a sacrifice done in the flesh, to teach the church about a sacrifice in the spirit:  Jesus, without sin, would die for all humanity's sin.  (this is the biggest single metaphor in scripture, but there are countless others). Could a blemished lamb have physically served to atone for Israel's sin?  No.  Could a sinful Jesus have spiritually paid the price for humanity's sin?  No.  We see how important the details of the metaphor are.

Likewise, what was the spiritual lesson and pattern behind bringing a man and woman together? 

The answer is plain and simple:  It signifies the bringing together of God (represented by the man) and the church (represented by the woman, who was born out of God's own will).  Their sexual relation physically brings forth a child, to teach the spiritual parallel between the Kingdom (i.e. Zion) to be born one day.  (And for that to happen, the church has to be extremely intimate with God......something the church hasn't been 'in the mood for' for a long, long time). 

The Kingdom happens only after the church becomes extremely intimate with God again, but that is another lesson.



So what about homosexuality?  Shouldn't two men who love each other be able to marry each other?  How about for two women?  Isn't sex between them OK, as long as they are committed to each other?

First off, don't accept the premise of the argument.

The problem is:  homosexuality doesn't fit the pattern. 

Again:  The act of Homosexuality doesn't fit the pattern God gave to teach about the covenant relation between God and the Church--that intimate relationship ultimately produces the Kingdom.  The Kingdom was the 'child' born out of the 'marriage' between God (i.e. 'the man') and the Church (i.e. 'the woman').  How do you get a kingdom born between two men or two women? 

It is a foolish, shallow argument that doesn't take much to deconstruct.


What Satan Loves...

But understand:  Satan loves the metaphor of a man sexually with a man or woman with a woman.  Nothing pleases Satan more than to spite God--hoping people engage in acts that imply God communing with himself (and not the church) or the church with herself, having no God--all to spite the Creator's plan. Satan laughs at and delights in our ignornace.

The notion that homosexual people were drawn to each other because 'God made them that way' is ludicrous--how do homosexual acts occur without fornication being involved?  Would God use an act that he forbids, (fornication/sexual immorality), to bring people together? 

The argument for homosexual relations being 'blessed' by God becomes spiritual nonsense.  Few would disagree that heterosexual people are to partake in sexual immorality and should not use sexuality in any way prior to marriage.  So how can homosexual people be permitted that according to God's laws? 

The spiritual answer is plain and simple--they can't.  The cultural answer is slippery.  Remember, beware the re-definition.


The Real Pattern God Created

Sex between a married man and woman is a pattern (choose your word: "Type & shadow", "analogy", "metaphor," "simile") that God designed to teach the special unique relation between God and the covenant people of His church. 

When was the church ever portrayed as a man in scripture?  When was God ever portrayed as a woman (only once actually in Isaiah, but it was the peoples' error, not God's). When did God ever act as God and the church at the same time?  He didn't, a woman always symbolized the church.  When did the church (i.e. the woman) symbolize God?  Never. 

The church was the woman in the Book of Revelation, the awaiting Bride with her foolish virgins in Matthew, the reason why God said 'I am married to you' in Jeremiah:

Jeremiah 3:14 Turn, O backsliding children, saith the Lord; for I am married unto you; and I will take you one of a city, and two of a family, and I will bring you to Zion;

If one doesn't understand that marriage is to teach us here on earth about God and His relationship to the church, and that we are to act out our lives in understanding of this relationship, when one's life ends and the point wasn't understood......well, too bad, now is your chance to understand this great metaphor, because marriage isn't eternal. 

Now is your chance to understand the point of the lesson. Why one husband and one wife?  Because there is only one God and he has one church.  Not two.  Those of His church are marked the baptism of the Holy Ghost.


Re-Defining Definitions

The only tool those who seek to overthrow God's ways generally use is to seek to redefine definitions of truth.

By re-defining definitions, for instance, our nation was able to justify slavery long ago. and for the same reason still has abortion. 

Consider this: African people were redefined (by those who desired slavery) from 'humans' to 'property.' Perhaps calling an African person 'property'  appeased a slave holder's conscience. 

Likewise today, unborn babies are redefined (by those who want to have sex without consequence) from a human to a "fetus".  They want us to believe it's not a baby whose life was surgically stopped, it was just a "blob of tissue."  (Of course, that is the answer!  Just change the meaning of the situation with new definitions, and everything becomes OK, right?)

The strongest tool of Satan is to 'Re-Define' and get God's people to question God's definitions. 

The first recorded temptation on earth involved Satan convincing Eve to question that God didn't really mean what he said.  (serpent: "hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?...Ye shall not surely die; for God doth know, that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened). What did Satan do? He caused her to doubt what she already new to be true. He uses the same method with us.

If he can get the church to re-define the truth God gave His children, and substitute culturally derived definitions for spiritually definitions, Satan can defeat God's people. He challenges the very word of God to cause the human soul to doubt.

Once the human doubts Gods word to them, they willfully disregard greater and greater instruction until they are left without light and truth. They become robots of the culture rather than agents of change for it.

Satan understands humans too well, he understands that:

First you abhor..., then you tolerate..., then you embrace. 

He will slowly erode your values with re-definitions until you will believe anything.

Consider how the culture is trying to redefine "marriage' into 'partnership' or 'civil union.' You see, marriage was defined for man and woman alone, parnterships can be for anyone, a man and man, woman and woman, man and boy. Notice also that terms of scripture absolutes, such as 'effeminate, sodomite, sodomy, mankind lying with mankind' are all rendered as 'Oh, that is not really what Moses intended' or, 'Paul, wasn't trying to say natural use of the woman implied anything sexual'....Or how about, the saying 'I was born that way, God made me that way' when there is no genetic link to homosexuality. The left will take words and tell you they don't mean what they clearly mean, to get you to accept their definition. If you accept their definition, you lose.


If a person desires 'change,' then change by conformity to God's truth. That's what 'repentance' ultimately means: un-conforming to Satan's falsehoods and conforming to God's truths.

So how can two homosexual men symbolize God and the church in a 'marriage?'  The simple answer: they can't.  How can two homosexual women?  Same answer.  How can this be pleasing to God, who gave us the pattern to teach us about Him and the church?  Once again, it can not. 

It doesn't fit the pattern He gave because it doesn’t teach the spiritual purposes He was trying to teach.


What it is and What it Isn't

So what about the people involved in homosexuality?  Are they condemned?  The answer would be that they are no more condemned than the rest of the world's sinners, but adultery and fornication are serious crimes. Serious because the participant engages in a hard sin to overcome. Hard because when the flesh and the 'will of the flesh' is involved, the will of the spirit is weakened.  But it would help to understand what homosexuality is and isn't.


Old Testament Types and Shadows

It becomes important to understand that the Old Testament laws were given to teach about higher spirituality.  They were real laws, given to a hard-hearted people, lived out in the flesh, but as a type for spiritual understanding. We can learn from those spiritual lessons.

The requirement to live by those laws and punishments given to Moses (i.e. the Mosaic Law) ended when Jesus died on the cross.  But the principles taught by them had eternal values.  Their laws were to teach spiritual lessons, certainly. Often, the breaking of Old Testament laws also had physical consequences, sometimes death.  This was to teach a higher lesson that breaking certain spiritual laws results in spiritual death--i.e., separation from God for eternity.. 

In the Old Testament the penalty for a man 'lying with another man' (implying sexual acts between two men) was physical death.  This paper in no way implies a sentence or capital punishment should be applied to people today for homosexuality. God's word in no wise implies that today. 

In the Old Testament, physical death was the type for spiritual death.  The lesson from the Old Testament merely implies that the spiritual issues associated with misuse of sexuality can lead to spiritual death.


What Does the Media Want Us to Believe?

Media and Hollywood pundits want you to believe that any speaking against homosexuality is likened to a Hate crime such as Hitler's Nazism towards Jews or ethnic minorities.  It isn't an argument against a group of people.  It is an argument against a false spiritual and immoral principle.

The majority of people involved in homosexuality suffer from what is called a 'Gender Identity Crisis.'  The topic won't be elaborated here, but there are many good resources to learn, also many people who have overcome this crisis and have the testimonies of God's power in their lives (See resource list below).

It must be understood that sexual expression was God's plan for us to teach us about something very important, through physical and emotional means, about him and the church. Instead, the world wants to take his Gift and turn it into something of their own making. They want you to believe that if two people say 'they love each other' therefore they are justified in expressing it any way of their own choosing. That is not what God intended. 'Love' can't be used to justify 'spiritual confusion,' as Moses put it.

We aren't to take sexual expression and turn it into anything that pleases the creation, but the world would have you believe otherwise.


Homosexuality in Men

While this lesson isn't intended to explain the depths of the homosexual issue, a few breif statements are included to help define it.

Homosexuality most often occurs in men when a young boy feels emotionally rejected or abandoned by the one who was to be his father or 'Father Figure' in his life. Also, sometimes by an overbearing woman in authority can do equal harm. 

In the first case, the homosexual male tends to identify more with a female role model than the male who rejected him, the one he was to pattern his life after; in the second case, he associates feelings of fear or dominance from relations with women, and fears intimacy with them, as if they would 'take something from him.' 

This is why homosexual men often say "I have felt like this ever since I can remember."  Rejection by a male often happens in early childhood. 

In either case, the homosexual male often goes through the rest of his life seeking in other men what he wishes he had in himself.  The inward issue for homosexuals is an inward emotional disconnect with their gender, resulting in outward acts of homosexual feelings, relationships and sexuality.


Homosexuality in Women

Homosexuality in women has similar results, but stems from subtly different origins.  Most often, a girl will experience rejection by a father, or experience a violent act directed toward her or perhaps a woman she respects (i.e. mother or mother figure) by a male role model.  Her scarred soul then transfers that pain to relations with men in general, assuming intimacy with males with bring them harm, violence, pain.  She seeks in a woman shelter and comfort from the fear that men might bring.

There are other, statistically less significant reasons for homosexuality, but these are the major influences.  Can you see a common thread in the origins of male and female homosexuality?


The Difference Between the Terms 'Homosexual' and 'Gay'

By the way, you will not find the term 'gay' anywhere in these writings.  'Gay' refers to a militant attitude among some homosexuals in our society who intent to permeate the church, culture, and media with a militant homosexual agenda. 

'Homosexuality' describesh the conditions and causes among people.  All 'Gays' are homosexuals, but all homosexuals are not Gay. All homosexuals should not be labeled 'gay.'  Some Homosexuals may choose a 'Gay proclivity,' but many do not. 

There are some homosexuals who struggle with unwanted homosexual attractions. The term 'Gay' is not appropriate for this discussion, although you should know the difference.


How can the church help with the 'Real' Problem.

What is on the rise in our society?  Is it really homosexuality? No, that is just the symptom. What is on the rise is more homes where children are raised without a loving father.  That is a huge source of the problem. 

The problem can't be solved with federal funding or changing of church laws.  The problem's root is in following laws of sexuality and faithfulness in marriage covenants, promises to be loyal, willingness to sacrifice so a family and its children can grow up in love.

This is why the role of the father is so important in a home and the church.  We have the hope from Malachi, that one day the children’s' hearts will turn to their fathers again, and the father's to the children.  This is part of the cure that God will bring one day.

Paul Said:   Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; (Ephesians 5:25) Notice the teaching on two levels: first husbands loving to the level Jesus did for the church--sacrificially giving YOUR ALL to your wife and family, that is your reasonable service.  Second, notice the parallel, husbands loving wives is compared to Jesus loving the church.  He is the groom, we are the bride.

What can you do? As a parent, start by making a promise that you will never threaten divorce during an argument with your spouse again.  Defeat Satan by promising to your children that no matter if you as parents disagree, you will always remain married. Why? because God says I would never leave you or forsake you. Live your covenant the same way.


The Real Cure

If the church really wants to do its job in addressing issues with homosexuality, it would work toward curing the problem at the root: we need strengthening families by the Word of God, to return the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the children to the fathers; not laws sanctioning homosexuality and fawning over those who participate in it.

The church is suffering, as it has through the ages, from a drifting from the Word of God. The Spiritual decay that (always) happens is the result. We need a return to the word of God, not an abandonment of it.

Homosexuality can not be of God when it by nature mocks the plan God created for mankind. Homosexuals are loved by God as are all sinners--but the act of homosexual love is not created by or condoned by God.  God didn't make homosexuals that way, but people may have.

The need is for spiritual healing, not redefinition of the laws of the church, or re-shape the circumstances of scripture. 

The Word of God clearly promotes marriage between a man and woman only, and sexual relations are reserved for them alone. It is the only true pattern God gave to teach creation about His desire to be reunited in the Kingdom with them someday.


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