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Mosiah12:16 - Mosiah12:26

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Passage: Mosiah 12:16 - Mosiah 12:26

16 And after having translated and caused to be written the records which were on the plates of gold which had been found by the people of Limhi, which were delivered to him by the hand of Limhi-
17 And this he did because of the great anxiety of his people, for they were desirous beyond measure to know concerning those people which had been destroyed-
18 And now he translated them by the means of those two stones which were fastened into the two rims of a bow;
19 Now these things were prepared from the beginning and were handed down from generation to generation for the purpose of interpreting languages;
20 And they have been kept and preserved by the hand of the Lord, that He should discover to every creature which should possess the land the iniquities and abominations of His people;
21 And whosoever has these things is called seer after the manner of old times-
22 Now after Mosiah had finished translating these records, Behold, it gave an account of the people which were destroyed, From the time that they were destroyed back to the building of the Great Tower, At the time the Lord confounded the language of the people,
23 and they were scattered abroad upon the face of all the earth, Yea, and even from that time until the creation of Adam-
24 Now this account did cause the people of Mosiah to mourn exceedingly, Yea, they were filled with sorrow;
25 Nevertheless, it gave them much knowledge in the which they did rejoice;
26 And this account shall be written hereafter; For behold, it is expedient that all people should know the things which are written in this account-

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