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1 Nephi4:15 - 1 Nephi4:25

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Passage: 1 Nephi 4:15 - 1 Nephi 4:25

15 "And behold, are we not broken off from the house of Israel? And are we not a branch of the house of Israel?
16 "And now the thing which our father meaneth concerning the grafting in of the natural branches through the fullness of the Gentiles is that in the latter days when our seed shall have dwindled in unbelief, Yea, for the space of many years and many generations after that the Messiah hath manifested Himself in body unto the children of men, Then shall the fullness of the gospel of the Messiah come unto the Gentiles, And from the Gentiles unto the remnant of our seed.
17 "And at that day shall the remnant of our seed know that they are of the house of Israel, and that they are the covenant people of the Lord;
18 And then shall they know and come to the knowledge of their forefathers, And also to the knowledge of the gospel of their Redeemer which was ministered unto their fathers by Him;
19 Wherefore, they shall come to the knowledge of their Redeemer and the very points of His doctrine, that they may know how to come unto Him and be saved.
20 "And then at that day will they not rejoice and give praise unto their Everlasting God, their Rock and their Salvation?
21 Yea, at that day will they not receive strength and nourishment from the True Vine?
22 Yea, will they not come unto the true fold of God?
23 "Behold, I say unto you, Yea; They shall be numbered again among the house of Israel;
24 They shall be grafted in, being a natural branch of the olive tree, into the true olive tree.
25 "And this is what our father meaneth.

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