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Alma22:8 - Alma22:18

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Passage: Alma 22:8 - Alma 22:18

8 And the Land of Nephi did run in a straight course from the East Sea to the west.
9 And it came to pass that when Moroni had driven all the Lamanites out of the East Wilderness, which was north of the lands of their own possessions, He caused that the inhabitants, which were in the Land of Zarahemla and in the land round about, should go forth into the East Wilderness, even to the borders by the seashore, and possess the land.
10 And he also placed armies on the south in the borders of their possessions, And caused them to erect fortifications, that they might secure their armies and their people from the hands of their enemies.
11 And thus he cut off all the strongholds of the Lamanites in the East Wilderness, yea, and also on the west, Fortifying the line between the Nephites and the Lamanites, between the Land of Zarahemla and the Land of Nephi, from the West Sea running by the head of the River Sidon,
12 The Nephites possessing all the Land Northward, yea, even all the land which was northward of the Land Bountiful, according to their pleasure.
13 Thus Moroni with his armies, which did increase daily because of the assurance of protection which his works did bring forth unto them, Therefore, they did seek to cut off the strength and the power of the Lamanites from off the lands of their possessions, That they should have no power upon the lands of their possessions.
14 And it came to pass that the Nephites began the foundation of a city, And they called the name of the city Moroni; And it was by the East Sea, And it was on the south by the line of the possessions of the Lamanites.
15 And they also began a foundation for a city between the City of Moroni and the City of Aaron, joining the borders of Aaron and Moroni; And they called the name of the city, or the land, Nephihah.
16 And they also began in that same year to build many cities on the north, One in a particular manner which they called Lehi, which was in the north by the borders of the seashore. And thus ended the twentieth year.
17 And in these prosperous circumstances were the people of Nephi, in the commencement of the twenty and first year of the reign of the judges over the people of Nephi;
18 And they did prosper exceedingly and they became exceeding rich, Yea, and they did multiply and wax strong in the land.

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