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Alma25:57 - Alma26:4

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Passage: Alma 25:57 - Alma 26:4

57 And many times did they attempt to administer of their wine to the Nephites that they might destroy them with poison or with drunkenness.
58 But behold, the Nephites were not slow to remember the Lord their God in this, their times of affliction;
59 They could not be taken in their snares, Yea, they would not partake of their wine, Yea, they would not take of wine, save they had firstly given to some of the Lamanite prisoners;
60 And they were thus cautious that no poison should be administered among them; For if their wine would poison a Lamanite, it would also poison a Nephite; And thus they did try all their liquors.
61 And now it came to pass that it was expedient for Moroni to make preparations to attack the City Morionton;
62 For behold, the Lamanites had by their labors fortified the City Morionton until it had become an exceeding stronghold; And they were continually bringing new forces into that city, and also new supplies of provisions.
63 And thus ended the twenty and ninth year of the reign of the judges over the people of Nephi.

Alma 26
1 And now it came to pass in the commencement of the thirtieth year of the reign of the judges, in the second day on the first month, Moroni received an epistle from Helaman stating the affairs of the people in that quarter of the land.
2 And these are the words which he wrote, saying: "My dearly beloved brother Moroni, as well in the Lord as in the tribulations of our warfare, Behold, my beloved brother, I have somewhat to tell you concerning our warfare in this part of the land.
3 "Behold, two thousand of the sons of those men which Ammon brought down out of the Land of Nephi-
4 Now ye have known that these were a descendant of Laman which was the eldest son of our father Lehi-

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