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3 Nephi2:40 - 3 Nephi2:50

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Passage: 3 Nephi 2:40 - 3 Nephi 2:50

40 And began to take possession of the lands, both which was in the Land South and which was in the Land North, And began to take possession of all the lands which had been deserted by the Nephites and the cities which had been left desolate.
41 But behold, there were no wild beasts nor game in those lands which had been deserted by the Nephites, And there was no game for the robbers, save it were in the wilderness;
42 And the robbers could not exist-save it were in the wilderness-for the want of food, For the Nephites had left their lands desolate, and had gathered their flocks and their herds and all their substance; And they were in one body,
43 Therefore, there was no chance for the robbers to plunder and to obtain food, save it were to come up in open battle against the Nephites;
44 And the Nephites being in one body and having so great a number and having reserved for themselves provisions and horses and cattle and flocks of every kind that they might subsist for the space of seven years,
45 In the which time they did hope to destroy the robbers from off the face of the land. And thus the eighteenth year did pass away.
46 And it came to pass that in the nineteenth year, Giddianhi found that it was expedient that he should go up to battle against the Nephites, For there was no way that they could subsist, save it were to plunder and rob and murder;
47 And they durst not spread themselves upon the face of the land insomuch that they could raise grain, lest the Nephites should come upon them and slay them;
48 Therefore, Giddianhi gave commandment unto his armies that in this year they should go up to battle against the Nephites.
49 And it came to pass that they did come up to battle, And it was in the sixth month, And behold, great and terrible was the day that they did come up to battle.
50 And they were girded about after the manner of robbers; And they had a lambskin about their loins and they were dyed in blood; And their heads were shorn and they had headplates upon them;

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