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Mormon3:13 - Mormon3:23

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Passage: Mormon 3:13 - Mormon 3:23

13 And when they had gone through and hewn down all my people, save it were twenty and four of us, among whom was my son Moroni,
14 And we, having survived the dead of our people, did behold on the morrow-when the Lamanites had returned unto their camps-from the top of the Hill Cumorah the ten thousand of my people which were hewn down, being led in the front by me; And we also beheld the ten thousand of my people which were led by my son Moroni.
15 And behold, the ten thousand of Gidgiddonah had fallen, and he also in the midst; And Lamah had fallen, with his ten thousand; And Gilgal had fallen, with his ten thousand; And Limhah had fallen, with his ten thousand; And Jeneum had fallen, with his ten thousand; And Cumenihah and Moronihah and Antionum and Shiblom and Shem and Josh had fallen, with their ten thousand each.
16 And it came to pass that there were ten more which did fall by the sword, with their ten thousand each; Yea, even all my people- Save it were those twenty and four which were with me, And also a few which had escaped into the South Countries, And a few which had deserted over unto the Lamanites- Had fallen;
17 And their flesh and bones and blood lay upon the face of the earth, Being left by the hands of those who slew them, to molder upon the land, and to crumble, and to return to their mother earth.
18 And my soul was rent with anguish because of the slain of my people, And I cried: "O ye fair ones, how could ye have departed from the ways of the Lord! O ye fair ones, how could ye have rejected that Jesus who stood with open arms to receive you!
19 "Behold, if ye had not done this, ye would not have fallen; But behold, ye are fallen and I mourn your loss;
20 O ye fair sons and daughters, ye fathers and mothers, ye husbands and wives, ye fair ones, How is it that ye could have fallen!
21 "But behold, ye are gone and my sorrows cannot bring your return; And the day soon cometh that your mortal must put on immortality, And these bodies which are now moldering in corruption must soon become incorruptible bodies;
22 And then ye must stand before the judgment seat of Christ to be judged according to your works; And if it so be that ye are righteous, then are ye blessed with your fathers which have gone before you.
23 "O that ye had repented before that this great destruction had come upon you! But behold, ye are gone; And the Father, yea, the Eternal Father of heaven knoweth your state, And He doeth with you according to His justice and mercy."

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