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The Final Prophecy

The ultimate and last prophecy of this world is fulfilled when God dwells on earth.

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Scripture Verses Containing The Word: Amulek

Verses Found: 67

Alma 6:28 And it came to pass that the man received him into his house, And the man was called Amulek; And he brought forth bread and meat and sat before Alma.

Alma 6:29 And it came to pass that Alma ate bread and he was filled; And he blessed Amulek and his house, And he gave thanks unto God.

Alma 6:30 And after he had eaten and was filled, he saith unto Amulek: "I am Alma and am the high priest over the churches of God throughout the land.

Alma 6:34 "And now Amulek, because thou hast fed me and took me in, thou art blessed, For I was enhungered for I had fasted many days."

Alma 6:35 And it came to pass that Alma tarried many days with Amulek before he began to preach unto the people.

Alma 6:37 And the word came to Alma, saying: "Go and also say unto My servant Amulek, 'Go forth and prophesy unto this people, saying: Repent ye! for thus saith the Lord, Except ye repent, I will visit this people in Mine anger, Yea, and I will not turn My fierce anger away.'"

Alma 6:38 And it came to pass that Alma went forth, and also Amulek, among the people to declare the words of God unto them; And they were filled with the Holy Ghost,

Alma 6:42 And it came to pass that they went forth and began to preach and to prophesy unto the people, according to the spirit and power which the Lord had given them.

Alma 7:Intro The words of Alma, and also the words of Amulek,which were declared unto the people which werein the Land of Ammonihah.And also they are cast into prison and delivered by the miraculous power of God which was in them,according to the record of Alma.

Alma 7:1 And again, I, Alma, having been commanded of God that I should take Amulek and go forth and preach again unto this people, or the people which were in the City of Ammonihah, And it came to pass as I began to preach unto them, they began to contend with me, saying: "Who art thou?

Alma 7:50 And it came to pass that Amulek went and stood forth and began to preach unto them also.

Alma 7:51 And now the words of Amulek are not all written, Nevertheless, a part of his words are written in this book.

Alma 8:1 Now these are the words which Amulek preached unto the people which were in the Land of Ammonihah, saying: "I am Amulek; I am the son of Gidanah, who was the son of Ishmael, who was a descendant of Aminadi;

Alma 8:18 And now when Amulek had spoken these words, the people began to be astonished, Seeing there was more than one witness which testified of the things whereof they were accused, and also of the things which were to come, according to the spirit of prophecy which was in them.

Alma 8:23 And it came to pass that they began to question Amulek that thereby they might make him cross his words, or contradict the words which he should speak.

Alma 8:24 Now, they knew not that Amulek could know of their design;

Alma 8:35 And now it came to pass that the people were more angry with Amulek and they cried out, saying: "This man doth revile against our laws, which are just, and our wise lawyers which we have selected."

Alma 8:36 But Amulek stretched forth his hand and cried the mightier unto them, saying: "O ye wicked and perverse generation! Why hath Satan got such great hold upon your hearts?

Alma 8:41 And now it came to pass that when Amulek had spoken these words, the people cried out against him, saying: "Now we know that this man is a child of the devil, for he hath lied unto us, for he hath spoken against our law,

Alma 8:46 Now he being the foremost to accuse Amulek and Alma, he being one of the most expert among them, having much business to do among the people.

Alma 8:66 and that they might get money according to the suits which were brought before them; Therefore, they did stir up the people against Alma and Amulek.

Alma 8:67 And this Zeezrom began to question Amulek, saying: "Will ye answer me a few questions which I shall ask you?"

Alma 8:68 Now Zeezrom was a man which was expert in the devices of the devil, that he might destroy that which was good; Therefore, he saith unto Amulek: "Will ye answer the questions which I shall put unto you?"

Alma 8:69 And Amulek saith unto him: "Yea, I will, if it be according to the Spirit of the Lord which is in me, for I shall say nothing which is contrary to the Spirit of the Lord."

Alma 8:71 Now Amulek saith: "O thou child of hell! Why tempt ye me?

Alma 8:80 And Amulek saith: "Yea, there is a true and a living God."

Alma 8:88 And Amulek answered and said unto him: "I say unto you He shall not, for it is impossible for Him to deny His word."

Alma 8:90 Now Amulek said again unto him: "Behold, thou hast lied, for thou sayest that I spake as though I had authority to command God because I said He shall not save His people in their sins.

Alma 8:94 And Amulek saith unto him: "Yea, He is the Very Eternal Father of heaven and of earth and all things which in them is;

Alma 8:108 Now, when Amulek had finished these words, the people began again to be astonished, and also Zeezrom began to tremble.

Alma 8:109 And thus ended the words of Amulek, Or this is all that I have written.

Alma 9:1 Now Alma seeing that the words of Amulek had silenced Zeezrom, for he beheld that Amulek had caught him in his lying and deceiving to destroy him, And seeing that he began to tremble under a consciousness of his guilt, He opened his mouth and began to speak unto him and to establish the words of Amulek and to explain things beyond, or to unfold the scriptures beyond that which Amulek had done.

Alma 9:11 And he was also convinced that Alma and Amulek had a knowledge of him, for he was convinced that they knew the thoughts and intents of his heart,

Alma 9:14 And he saith unto Alma: "What does this mean which Amulek hath spoken concerning the resurrection of the dead, That all shall rise from the dead, both the just and the unjust, and are brought to stand before God to be judged according to their works?"

Alma 9:21 Now this is what is meant by the chains of hell. "And Amulek hath spoken plainly concerning death, And being raised from this mortality to a state of immortality, And being brought before the bar of God to be judged according to our works.

Alma 9:40 "And we see that death comes upon mankind, yea, the death which has been spoken of by Amulek, which is the temporal death; Nevertheless, there was a space granted unto man in which he might repent.

Alma 10:33 But the more part of them were desirous that they might destroy Alma and Amulek, For they were angry with Alma because of the plainness of his words unto Zeezrom;

Alma 10:34 And they also said that Amulek had lied unto them and had reviled against their law, And also against their lawyers and judges;

Alma 10:35 And they were also angry with Alma and Amulek; And because they had testified so plainly against their wickedness, they sought to put them away privily.

Alma 10:38 And also testified that there was but one God, And that He should send His Son among the people, but He should not save them; And many such things did the people testify against Alma and Amulek.

Alma 10:44 And it came to pass that they spit upon him and cast him out from among them, And also all those who believed in the words which had been spoken by Alma and Amulek; And they cast them out and sent men to cast stones at them;

Alma 10:47 And it came to pass that they took Alma and Amulek and carried them forth to the place of martyrdom, that they might witness the destruction of those which were consumed by fire.

Alma 10:48 And it came to pass that when Amulek saw the pains of the women and children which were consuming in the fire, he was also pained and he saith unto Alma: "How can we witness this awful scene?

Alma 10:53 Now Amulek saith unto Alma: "Behold, perhaps they will burn us also."

Alma 10:55 Now it came to pass that when the bodies of those which had been cast into the fire were consumed, and also the records which were cast in with them, The chief judge of the land came and stood before Alma and Amulek, as they were bound,

Alma 10:60 And it came to pass that Alma and Amulek answered him nothing; And he smote them again and delivered them to the officers to be cast into prison.

Alma 10:73 And it came to pass after they had thus suffered for many days-and it was on the twelfth day, in the tenth month, in the tenth year of the reign of the judges over the people of Nephi- That the chief judge over the Land of Ammonihah, and many of their teachers and their lawyers, went in unto the prison where Alma and Amulek were bound with cords;

Alma 10:76 And when the last had spoken unto them, the power of God was upon Alma and Amulek and they arose and stood upon their feet; And Alma cried, saying: "How long shall we suffer these great afflictions, O Lord?

Alma 10:80 And the chief judge and the lawyers and priests and teachers which smote upon Alma and Amulek were slain by the fall thereof.

Alma 10:81 And Alma and Amulek came forth out of the prison and they were not hurt, for the Lord had granted unto them power according to their faith which was in Christ;

Alma 10:83 And the prison had fallen to the earth, And every soul which was within the walls thereof, save it were Alma and Amulek, were slain; And they straightway came forth into the city.

Alma 10:85 And when they saw Alma and Amulek coming forth out of the prison and the walls thereof had fallen to the earth, They were struck with great fear and fled from the presence of Alma and Amulek, even as a goat fleeth with her young from two lions; And thus they did flee from the presence of Alma and Amulek.

Alma 10:86 And it came to pass that Alma and Amulek were commanded to depart out of that land; And they departed and came out even into the Land of Sidom;

Alma 10:89 And also Zeezrom lay sick at Sidom with a burning fever which was caused by the great tribulations of his mind on account of his wickedness, For he supposed that Alma and Amulek were no more, And he supposed that they had been slain by the cause of his iniquity;

Alma 10:91 Now when he heard that Alma and Amulek were in the Land of Sidom, his heart began to take courage, And he sent a message immediately unto them, desiring them to come unto him.

Alma 10:106 And they repented not of their sins, ascribing all the power of Alma and Amulek to the devil, For they were of the profession of Nehor and did not believe in the repentance of their sins.

Alma 10:107 And it came to pass that Alma and Amulek- Amulek having forsaken all his gold and his silver and his precious things which were in the Land of Ammonihah for the word of God, He being rejected by those which were once his friends, and also by his father and his kindred-

Alma 10:110 Now as I said, Alma having seen all these things, Therefore, he took Amulek and came over to the Land of Zarahemla, And took him to his own house and did administer unto him in his tribulations and strengthened him in the Lord.

Alma 11:22 And Alma and Amulek went forth preaching repentance unto the people in their temples and in their sanctuaries, and also in their synagogues, which were built after the manner of the Jews;

Alma 11:24 And thus did Alma and Amulek go forth-and also many more which had been chosen for the work- to preach the word throughout all the land;

Alma 16:83 Therefore, he took Ammon and Aaron and Omner- and Himni he did leave in the church in Zarahemla, but the former three he took with him-and also Amulek and Zeezrom which were at Melek, And he also took two of his sons;

Alma 16:112 "O Lord, wilt Thou comfort my soul and give unto me success? And also my fellow laborers which are with me- yea, Ammon and Aaron and Omner, and also Amulek and Zeezrom, and also my two sons- Yea, even all these wilt Thou comfort, O Lord? Yea, wilt Thou comfort their souls in Christ?

Alma 16:201 And now it came to pass that after Alma had spoken these words unto them, he sat down upon the ground, And Amulek arose and began to teach them, saying: "My brethren, I think that it is impossible that ye should be ignorant of the things which have been spoken concerning the coming of Christ, who is taught by us to be the Son of God;

Alma 16:240 Now it came to pass that after Amulek had made an end of these words, They withdrew themselves from the multitude and came over into the Land of Jershon;

Helaman 2:72 "And remember also the words which Amulek spake unto Zeezrom in the City of Ammonihah; For he said unto him that the Lord surely should come to redeem His people; But that He should not come to redeem them in their sins, But to redeem them from their sins;

Helaman 2:107 And Aminadab saith unto them: "You must repent and cry unto the voice, even until ye shall have faith in Christ, which was taught unto you by Alma and Amulek and by Zeezrom; And when ye shall do this, the cloud of darkness shall be removed from overshadowing you."

Ether 5:14 Behold, it was the faith of Alma and Amulek that caused the prison to tumble to the earth.

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The Final Prophecy

The ultimate and last prophecy of this world is fulfilled when God dwells on earth.

All covenants and prophecies since the world began lead to this event, when Heaven returns to earth.

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