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The Final Prophecy

The ultimate and last prophecy of this world is fulfilled when God dwells on earth.

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Scripture Verses Containing The Word: Believest

Verses Found: 20

1 Nephi 3:41 And the Spirit saith unto me: "Believest thou that thy father saw the tree of which he hath spoken?"

1 Nephi 3:44 "And blessed art thou, Nephi, because thou believest in the Son of the Most High God; Wherefore, thou shalt behold the things which thou hast desired;

Jacob 5:16 And I saith unto him: "Believest thou the scriptures?"

Alma 8:73 "Believest thou that there is no God?

Alma 10:95 And it came to pass that Alma said unto him, taking him by the hand: "Believest thou in the power of Christ unto salvation?"

Alma 10:97 And Alma saith: "If thou believest in the redemption of Christ, thou canst be healed."

Alma 12:101 And Ammon began to speak unto him with boldness and said unto him: "Believest thou that there is a God?"

Alma 12:103 And then Ammon saith: "Believest thou that there is a Great Spirit?"

Alma 12:106 And Ammon saith unto him again: "Believest thou that this Great Spirit, which is God, created all things which are in heaven and in the earth?"

Alma 12:138 And Ammon saith unto her: "Believest thou this?"

Alma 13:10 Now Aaron said unto him: "Believest thou that the Son of God shall come to redeem mankind from their sins?"

Alma 13:38 And Aaron answered him and said unto him: "Believest thou that there is a God?"

Alma 13:42 And Aaron said unto him: "Yea, He is that Great Spirit; And He created all things, both in heaven and in earth; Believest thou this?"

Alma 16:44 "And now, believest thou that we deceive this people that causeth such joy in their hearts?"

Alma 16:46 And then Alma saith unto him: "Believest thou that there is a God?" And he answered: "Nay."

Alma 16:50 "Believest thou that these things are true?

Alma 16:51 Behold, I know that thou believest, But thou art possessed with a lying spirit; And ye have put off the Spirit of God, that it may have no place in you, But the devil hath power over you; And he doth carry you about, working devices that he may destroy the people of God."

Alma 21:3 And it came to pass in the nineteenth year of the reign of the judges over the people of Nephi- that Alma came unto his son Helaman and saith unto him: "Believest thou the words which I spake unto thee concerning those records which have been kept?"

Alma 21:5 And Alma saith again: "Believest thou in Jesus Christ, which shall come?" And he saith: "Yea, I believe all the words which thou hast spoken."

Ether 1:74 And the Lord said unto him: "Believest thou the words which I shall speak?"

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The Final Prophecy

The ultimate and last prophecy of this world is fulfilled when God dwells on earth.

All covenants and prophecies since the world began lead to this event, when Heaven returns to earth.

The Final Prophecy outlines the conditions and covenants that lead to that day, when the nations return to the true God, Jesus Christ, the Holy One of Israel.

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