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1 Nephi 7:51 Yea, in fine, all they which belong to the kingdom of the devil- It is they which need fear and tremble and quake;

2 Nephi 6:46 For behold, He suffereth the pains of all men, Yea, the pains of every living creature-both men and women and children-which belong to the family of Adam;

2 Nephi 12:23 For the kingdom of the devil must shake, And they which belong to it must needs be stirred up unto repentance, Or the devil will grasp them with his everlasting chains and they be stirred up to anger and perish.

Mosiah 2:37 "And if ye judge the man who putteth up his petition to you for your substance, that he perish not, and condemn him, How much more just will be your condemnation for withholding your substance which doth not belong to you, but to God to whom also your life belongeth?

Mosiah 11:96 Yea, and as many as he did baptize did belong to the church of God, And this because of their belief on the words of Alma.

Mosiah 11:148 And now all these things did Alma and his fellow laborers do which were over the church, Walking in all diligence, Teaching the word of God in all things, Suffering all manner of afflictions, Being persecuted by all those who did not belong to the church of God;

Mosiah 13:8 Now I declare unto you that he to whom that the kingdom doth rightly belong hath declined and will not take upon him the kingdom.

Mosiah 13:10 And who knoweth but what my son, to whom the kingdom doth belong, should turn to be angry and draw away a part of this people after him, which would cause wars and contentions among you, which would be the cause of shedding much blood and perverting the way of the Lord, Yea, and destroy the souls of much people.

Alma 1:28 But it came to pass that whosoever did not belong to the church of God began to persecute those that did belong to the church of God and had taken upon them the name of Christ,

Alma 1:31 Now there was a strict law among the people of the church that there should not any man belonging to the church arise and persecute those that did not belong to the church, And that there should be no persecution among themselves;

Alma 1:47 And thus they did prosper and become far more wealthy than those who did not belong to their church;

Alma 1:48 For those who did not belong to their church did indulge themselves in sorceries and in idolatry or idleness and in babblings and in envyings and strife,

Alma 2:16 Yea, there were envyings and strifes and malice and persecutions and pride, even to exceed the pride of those who did not belong to the church of God.

Alma 2:17 And thus ended the eighth year of the reign of the judges; And the wickedness of the church was a great stumbling block to those who did not belong to the church; And thus the church began to fail in its progress.

Alma 3:8 "And now behold I say unto you my brethren, you that belong to this church, Have you sufficiently retained in remembrance the captivity of your fathers?

Alma 3:108 I speak by way of command unto you that belong to the church. "And unto those which do not belong to the church, I speak by way of invitation, saying, Come and be baptized unto repentance that ye also may be partakers of the fruit of the tree of life."

Alma 4:2 And it came to pass that whomsoever did not belong to the church who repented of their sins was baptized unto repentance and was received into the church.

Alma 4:3 And it also came to pass that whomsoever did belong to the church that did not repent of their wickedness and humble themselves before God-

Alma 21:44 For thus were all the true believers of Christ which belonged to the church of God called by those who did not belong to the church, And those who did belong to the church were faithful,

Alma 25:19 "And now behold, if ye will lay down your arms and subject yourselves to be governed by those to whom the government doth rightly belong, Then will I cause that my people shall lay down their weapons and shall be at war no more.

Helaman 2:29 And in the fifty and first year of the reign of the judges, there was peace also, Save it were the pride which began to enter into the church- Not into the church of God, but into the hearts of the people who professed to belong to the church of God- And they were lifted up in pride, even to the persecution of many of their brethren.

Helaman 2:44 Now this great loss of the Nephites, and the great slaughter which was among them, would not have happened had it not been for their wickedness and their abomination which was among them; Yea, and it was among those also which professed to belong to the church of God.

Helaman 2:146 And it came to pass that they did have their signs, yea, their secret signs and their secret words; And this that they might distinguish a brother who had entered into the covenant, That whatsoever wickedness his brother should do, he should not be injured by his brother, Nor by those who did belong to his band who had taken this covenant.

Helaman 3:66 "And behold, they both belong to your secret band, whose author is Gaddianton and the evil one which seeketh to destroy the souls of men."

Helaman 4:26 And the seventy and seventh year began in peace; And the church did spread throughout the face of all the land; And the more part of the people-both the Nephites and the Lamanites-did belong to the church; And they did have exceeding great peace in the land; And thus ended the seventy and seventh year.

3 Nephi 3:1 And now it came to pass that the people of the Nephites did all return to their own lands in the twenty and sixth year, Every man with his family, his flocks and his herds, his horses and his cattle and all things whatsoever did belong unto them.

3 Nephi 13:30 And as many as were baptized did receive the Holy Ghost; And they were cast into prison by them who did not belong to the church,

Mormon 4:36 Yea, it shall come in a day when the power of God shall be denied and churches become defiled and shall be lifted up in the pride of their hearts, Yea, even in a day when leaders of churches and teachers in the pride of their hearts, even to the envying of them who belong to their church.

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