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The Final Prophecy

The ultimate and last prophecy of this world is fulfilled when God dwells on earth.

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Scripture Verses Containing The Word: Died

Verses Found: 45

1 Nephi 5:44 And it came to pass that Ishmael died and was buried in the place which was called Nahom.

1 Nephi 5:96 And it would have been better that they had died before they came out of Jerusalem than to have suffered these afflictions.

2 Nephi 3:23 And it came to pass that he died and was buried.

2 Nephi 9:1 In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, And His train filled the temple.

2 Nephi 10:50 In the year that King Ahaz died was this burden:

Jacob 1:12 And it came to pass that Nephi died.

Jacob 2:47 And because of the strictness of the word of God which cometh down against you, many hearts died, pierced with deep wounds.

Jacob 3:88 And the wild fruit of the last had overcome that part of the tree which brought forth good fruit, even that the branch had withered away and died.

Mosiah 1:107 'For behold, and also His blood atoneth for the sins of those who have fallen by the transgression of Adam, who hath died not knowing the will of God concerning them and who have ignorantly sinned.

Mosiah 4:7 And King Benjamin lived three years and he died.

Mosiah 6:34 And it came to pass that King Laman died and his son began to reign in his stead,

Mosiah 8:44 For these are they whose sins He hath borne; These are they for whom He hath died to redeem them from their transgressions;

Mosiah 8:58 "And there are those who have part in the first resurrection; And these are they that have died before Christ came, in their ignorance, not having salvation declared unto them;

Mosiah 13:66 And now it came to pass that his father died, being eighty and two years old, having lived to fulfill the commandments of God.

Mosiah 13:67 And it came to pass that Mosiah died also, in the thirty and third year of his reign, being sixty and three years old, Making in the whole five hundred and nine years from the time Lehi left Jerusalem.

Alma 1:97 And it came to pass that many died in the wilderness of their wounds and were devoured by those beasts, and also the vultures of the air; And their bones have been found and have been heaped upon the earth.

Alma 14:24 And the king died in that selfsame year that the Lamanites began to make preparations for war against the people of God.

Alma 21:74 And it came to pass that there were many who died, firmly believing that their souls were redeemed by the Lord Jesus Christ; Thus they went out of the world rejoicing.

Alma 21:75 And there were some who died with fevers, which at some seasons of the year was very frequent in the land-

Alma 21:77 But there were many who died with old age. And those who died in the faith of Christ are happy in Him, as we must needs suppose.

Alma 21:99 And it came to pass that Amalickiah caused that one of his servants should administer poison by degrees to Lehonti, that he died;

Alma 22:40 And it came to pass that in the same year that the people of Nephi had peace restored unto them, That Nephihah, the second chief judge, died, having filled the judgment seat with perfect uprightness before God;

Alma 26:12 Nevertheless, we may console ourselves in this point- that they have died in the cause of their country and of their God, yea, and they are happy.

Alma 29:44 But behold, the king did awake his servant before he died, insomuch that they did pursue Teancum and slew him.

Alma 29:63 And Helaman died in the thirty and fifth year of the reign of the judges over the people of Nephi.

Alma 30:3 And it came to pass that Moroni died also;

Alma 30:14 And it came to pass in the thirty and ninth year of the reign of the judges, Shiblon died also; And Coreanton had gone forth to the Land Northward in a ship, to carry forth provisions unto those people which had gone forth into that land;

Helaman 1:2 For behold, Pahoron had died and gone the way of all the earth; Therefore, there began to be a serious contention concerning who should have the judgment seat among the brethren which were the sons of Pahoron.

Helaman 1:23 And it came to pass that Coriantumr did smite him against the wall, insomuch that he died. And thus ended the days of Pacumeni.

Helaman 2:33 And it came to pass in the fifty and third year of the reign of the judges, Helaman died and his eldest son Nephi began to reign in his stead.

4 Nephi 1:22 And it came to pass that Nephi, he that kept the last record-and he kept it upon the plates of Nephi-died, And his son Amos kept it in his stead, And he kept it upon the plates of Nephi also,

4 Nephi 1:24 And it came to pass that Amos died also; And it was an hundred and ninety and four years from the coming of Christ; And his son Amos kept the record in his stead, And he also kept it upon the plates of Nephi; And it was also written in the book of Nephi, which is this book.

4 Nephi 1:56 And it came to pass that after three hundred and five years had passed away, And the people did still remain in wickedness; And Amos died and his brother Ammoron did keep the record in his stead.

Ether 3:35 And it came to pass that Jared died, and his brother also.

Ether 4:16 And after that he had anointed Emer to be king, he saw peace in the land for the space of two years, And he died having seen exceeding many days which were full of sorrow.

Ether 4:24 And after that he had anointed Coriantum to reign in his stead, he lived four years and he saw peace in the land, Yea, and he even saw the Son of Righteousness and did rejoice and glory in His day; And he died in peace.

Ether 4:27 And it came to pass that his wife died, being an hundred and two years old.

Ether 4:47 And Shez did live to an exceeding old age, And he begat Riplakish; And he died and Riplakish reigned in his stead.

Ether 4:57 And Morianton did live to an exceeding great age and then he begat Kim; And Kim did reign in the stead of his father, And he did reign eight years and his father died.

Ether 4:59 And his brother did raise up in rebellion against him, in the which he did bring him into captivity; And he did remain in captivity all his days, And he begat sons and daughters in captivity, And in his old age he begat Levi and he died.

Ether 4:115 And it came to pass that Coriantor begat Ether; And he died having dwelt in captivity all his days.

Ether 6:6 And that a New Jerusalem should be built up upon this land unto the remnant of the seed of Joseph, for the which things there has been a type- For as Joseph brought his father down into the Land of Egypt, even so he died there;

Ether 6:51 And when he had come to the Plains of Agosh, he gave battle unto Lib, And he smote upon him until he died; Nevertheless, the brother of Lib did come against Coriantumr in the stead thereof, And the battle became exceeding sore, in the which Coriantumr fled again before the army of the brother of Lib.

Ether 6:105 And it came to pass that after he had smote off the head of Shiz, that Shiz raised up on his hands and fell; And after that he had struggled for breath, he died.

Moroni 8:13 But little children are alive in Christ, even from the foundation of the world; If not so, God is a partial God, and also a changeable Being and a respecter to persons; For how many little children have died without baptism?

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The Final Prophecy

The ultimate and last prophecy of this world is fulfilled when God dwells on earth.

All covenants and prophecies since the world began lead to this event, when Heaven returns to earth.

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