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Scripture Verses Containing The Word: Divided

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1 Nephi 1:100 "Therefore, let us go up; Let us be strong like unto Moses, For he truly spake unto the waters of the Red Sea and they divided hither and thither and our fathers came through out of captivity on dry ground, And the armies of Pharaoh did follow and were drowned in the waters of the Red Sea.

1 Nephi 3:145 And it came to pass that I looked and beheld many waters; And they divided the Gentiles from the seed of my brethren.

1 Nephi 5:108 And ye know that by his word the waters of the Red Sea were divided hither and thither and they passed through on dry ground.

Alma 8:106 I say unto you that this mortal body is raised to an immortal body, That is, from death, even from the first death unto life, that they can die no more, Their spirits uniting with their bodies, never to be divided,

Alma 13:68 And it came to pass that the king sent a proclamation throughout all the land, amongst all his people which were in all his land, which were in all the regions round about, Which was bordering even to the sea on the east and on the west and which was divided from the Land of Zarahemla by a narrow strip of wilderness,

Alma 13:69 Which ran from the Sea East even to the Sea West and round about on the borders of the seashore and the borders of the wilderness which was on the north by the Land of Zarahemla, Through the borders of Manti, by the head of the River Sidon, running from the east toward the west; And thus were the Lamanites and the Nephites divided.

Alma 15:14 And it came to pass that they gathered together all their people, yea, all the people of the Lord, And did gather together all their flocks and herds and departed out of the land, And came into the wilderness which divided the Land of Nephi from the Land of Zarahemla and came over near the borders of the land.

Alma 20:35 Therefore, he divided his army and brought a part over into the valley and concealed them on the east and on the south of the Hill Riplah, And the remainder he concealed in the west valley, on the west of the River Sidon, and so down into the borders of the Land Manti;

Helaman 3:112 And it came to pass that there arose a division among the people, Insomuch that they divided hither and thither and went their ways, leaving Nephi alone as he was standing in the midst of them.

Helaman 3:131 And it came to pass that they would not hearken unto his words; And there began to be contentions, insomuch that they were divided against themselves and began to slay one another with the sword.

3 Nephi 3:37 And the people were divided one against another, And they did separate one from another into tribes, every man according to his family and his kindred and friends- And thus they did destroy the government of the land-

3 Nephi 3:52 And it came to pass in the thirty and first year that they were divided into tribes, every man according to his family, kindred and friends;

4 Nephi 1:28 And from that time forth, they did have their goods and their substance no more common among them, And they began to be divided into classes, And they began to build up churches unto themselves to get gain, And began to deny the true church of Christ.

Mormon 1:60 And in the three hundred and fiftieth year, we made a treaty with the Lamanites and the robbers of Gaddianton, in the which we did get the lands of our inheritance divided;

Ether 3:58 And the country was divided, And there were two kingdoms-the kingdom of Shule and the kingdom of Cohor, the son of Noah;

Ether 6:56 And they were divided- and a part of them fled to the army of Shiz, and a part of them fled to the army of Coriantumr.

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