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1 Nephi 4:33 And after that they were restored, they should no more be confounded, neither should they be scattered again.

2 Nephi 6:2 That He hath spoken unto the Jews by the mouth of His holy prophets, even from the beginning down, from generation to generation, Until the time cometh that they shall be restored to the true church and fold of God,

2 Nephi 6:29 And the grave must deliver up its captive bodies, And the bodies and the spirits of men will be restored one to the other,

2 Nephi 6:32 And the spirit and the body is restored to itself again and all men become incorruptible and immortal; And they are living souls, having a perfect knowledge like unto us in the flesh,

2 Nephi 6:55 And they are restored to that God who gave them breath, which is the Holy One of Israel.

2 Nephi 7:4 And our children shall be restored, that they may come to that which will give them the true knowledge of their Redeemer.

2 Nephi 7:12 But behold, thus saith the Lord God: "When the day cometh that they shall believe in Me, that I Am Christ, Then have I covenanted with their fathers that they shall be restored in the flesh upon the earth unto the lands of their inheritance.

2 Nephi 11:20 And notwithstanding that they have been carried away, they shall return again and possess the Land of Jerusalem; Wherefore, they shall be restored again to the lands of their inheritance.

2 Nephi 12:82 And the gospel of Jesus Christ shall be declared among them; Wherefore, they shall be restored unto the knowledge of their fathers, And also to the knowledge of Jesus Christ which was had among their fathers.

Jacob 5:38 And it came to pass that peace and the love of God was restored again among the people; And they searched the scriptures and hearkened no more to the words of this wicked man.

Alma 8:100 The spirit and the body shall be reunited again in its perfect form; Both limb and joint shall be restored to its proper frame, even as we now are at this time;

Alma 8:103 And even there shall not so much as a hair of their heads be lost, But all things shall be restored to its perfect frame, as it is now, or in the body,

Alma 19:58 The soul shall be restored to the body and the body to the soul, Yea, and every limb and joint shall be restored to its body, Yea, even a hair of their heads shall not be lost; But all things shall be restored to its proper and perfect frame.

Alma 19:64 I say unto thee, my son, that the plan of restoration is requisite with the justice of God, For it is requisite that all things should be restored to their proper order;

Alma 19:65 Behold, it is requisite and just, according to the power and resurrection of Christ, that the soul of man should be restored to its body, And that every part of the body should be restored to itself.

Alma 19:66 And it is requisite with the justice of God that men should be judged according to their works; And if their works were good in this life and the desires of their hearts were good, that they should also at the last day be restored unto that which is good;

Alma 19:67 And if his works are evil, they shall be restored unto him for evil. Therefore, all things shall be restored to its proper order- everything to its natural frame, mortality raised to immortality, corruption to incorruption, Raised to endless happiness, to inherit the kingdom of God, Or, to endless misery, to inherit the kingdom of the devil;

Alma 19:73 Do not suppose because it hath been spoken concerning restoration that ye shall be restored from sin to happiness;

Alma 19:79 Yea, ye shall have mercy restored unto you again, Ye shall have justice restored unto you again, Ye shall have a righteous judgment restored unto you again,

Alma 19:80 And ye shall have good rewarded unto you again; For that which ye doth send out shall return unto you again and be restored; Therefore, the word "restoration" more fully condemneth the sinner and justifieth him not at all.

Alma 19:106 And thus they are restored into His presence, to be judged according to their works, according to the law and justice; For behold, justice exerciseth all his demands, And also mercy claimeth all which is her own; And thus, none but the truly penitent are saved.

Alma 19:110 And whosoever will not come, the same is not compelled to come, But in the last day it shall be restored unto him according to his deeds-

Alma 22:39 And upon their covenanting to keep the peace, they were restored to the Land of Morionton, And a union took place between them and the people of Lehi; And they were also restored to their lands.

Alma 22:40 And it came to pass that in the same year that the people of Nephi had peace restored unto them, That Nephihah, the second chief judge, died, having filled the judgment seat with perfect uprightness before God;

Alma 29:8 And behold, Pachus was slain and his men were taken prisoners; And Pahoron was restored to his judgment seat.

Alma 29:12 And thus ended the thirtieth year of the reign of the judges over the people of Nephi, Moroni and Pahoron having restored peace to the Land of Zarahemla among their own people, Having inflicted death upon all those who were not true to the cause of freedom.

Helaman 4:71 And may God grant in His great fullness that men might be brought unto repentance and good works, That they might be restored unto grace for grace according to their works.

Helaman 5:86 He hath given unto you that ye might know good from evil, And He hath given unto you that ye might choose life or death; And ye can do good and be restored unto that which is good, Or have that which is good restored unto you; Or ye can do evil and have that which is evil restored unto you.

Ether 3:46 Wherefore, he came to the Hill Ephraim, And he did molten out of the hill and made swords out of steel for those which he had drawn away with him; And after that he had armed them with swords, he returned to the City Nehor and gave battle unto his brother Corihor, By which means he obtained the kingdom and restored it unto his father Kib.

Ether 4:14 Yea, even all, save it were thirty souls and they which fled with the house of Omer; Wherefore, Omer was restored again to the land of his inheritance.

Ether 4:56 And it came to pass that Morianton built up many cities, And the people became exceeding rich under his reign- both in buildings, and in gold and in silver, and in raising grain, and in flocks and herds, and such things which had been restored unto them;

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