You are Invited to Explore the Gospel of Jesus Christ

As humans, we share common experiences. We have life, we grow, we learn, we feel pain, we ask questions, we search for happiness.

But what does it all mean?

God's plan of salvation, revealed through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, helps us understand the meaning to many perplexing questions such as "Why am I here?" "What Happens when I Die?" "Is there Life after Death?"

Your life was not an accident, nor your existence without purpose. God has a wonderful plan to bring our souls (the inner, eternal part of each of us that can not die) back to live with him in Eternity. This plan is revealed through the life of Jesus Christ.

God's desire is that each Human soul find Him in this life, and spend eternity with Him. God is a wonderful, loving being with intelligence and wisdom far beyond our own. He has prepared a way for us to come to him again, someday. That way is through a sacrifice made by Jesus Christ for each of us.

This website shares some of that information about God, life, and eternity.

You are invited to explore this website to learn more details about God and His plans for you, You may read the rest of this page for a brief sharing of God's desire to bring you back to him. God wants to share the wonders of Eternity us, including you, in an existence we can't comprehend. It's called the Plan of Salvation.

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Confused about Marriage?

What the Culture isn't Telling You about Marriage...

God designed marriage to symbolically teach humanity about His relationship with the church.

Learn the truth about God's intention for marriage--a message conveniently distorted by the culture...and mis-understood by the church.


The Most Beautiful Invitation

The Book of Mormon contains the most beautiful message--all are called and welcomed to come unto Christ.

Searching for Truth? Read 'The Story'

When God's People Strayed...

Despite God's manifold blessings, history, reveals many times where God's people fell away from Him.Bible

What was their story? How did it happen? Could it ever happen again? Is there a pattern? Does God forsake these people? Does He ever promise to bring them back to Him?

Find the answers to these questions and more in this new series called:

When God's People Strayed...

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Searching for Scriptures regarding Sexuality?

Searching for scriptures regarding sexuality and homosexuality? It is a popular search topic, and with good reason: people want to know what God's word says about it.

While our culture has produced new words in our day describing issues of sexuality, the spiritual and moral issues regarding sexuality are are age-old, and are dealt with directly in scripture. Click Here To Find The Words Used in Scripture Regarding Sexuality

The topic of Sexuality and Homosexuality has faced the Christian Church in New ways. What does the world teach? What does the Word of God teach?

Read About Homosexuality and Scripture and the Pattern In All Things


Watch your Thoughts,
  They become Words...
Watch your Words,
  They become Habits...
Watch your Habits
  They become Character...
Watch your Character,
  It becomes your Destiny.