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Passage: 3 Nephi 8:25 - 3 Nephi 8:45

25 And as they looked to behold, they cast their eyes toward heaven, And they saw the heavens open, And they saw angels descending out of heaven, as it were, in the midst of fire; And they came down and encircled those little ones about,
26 And they were encircled about with fire, And the angels did minister unto them. And the multitude did see and hear and bear record; And they know that their record is true, for they- all of them-did see and hear, every man for himself;
27 And they were in number about two thousand and five hundred souls; And they did consist of men, women and children.
28 And it came to pass that Jesus commanded His disciples that they should bring forth some bread and wine unto Him;
29 And while they were gone for bread and wine, He commanded the multitude that they should sit themselves down upon the earth;
30 And when the disciples had come with bread and wine, He took of the bread and brake and blessed it; And He gave unto the disciples and commanded that they should eat;
31 And when they had eaten and were filled, He commanded that they should give unto the multitude.
32 And when the multitude had eaten and were filled, He saith unto the disciples: "Behold, there shall one be ordained among you, And to him will I give power that he shall break bread and bless it and give it unto the people of My church, unto all they which shall believe and be baptized in My name;
33 And this shall ye always observe to do, even as I have done, even as I have broken bread and blessed it and gave it unto you;
34 And this shall ye do in remembrance of My body which I have shown unto you;
35 And it shall be a testimony unto the Father that ye do always remember Me;
36 And if ye do always remember Me, ye shall have My Spirit to be with you."
37 And it came to pass that when He had said these words, He commanded His disciples that they should take of the wine of the cup and drink of it, And that they should also give unto the multitude that they might drink of it.
38 And it came to pass that they did so and did drink of it and were filled; And they gave unto the multitude and they did drink and they were filled.
39 And when the disciples had done this, Jesus saith unto them: "Blessed are ye for this thing which ye have done, for this is fulfilling My commandments, And this doth witness unto the Father that ye are willing to do that which I have commanded you;
40 And this shall ye always do unto those who repent and are baptized in My name; And ye shall do it in remembrance of My blood which I have shed for you, that ye may witness unto the Father that ye do always remember Me;
41 And if ye do always remember Me, ye shall have My Spirit to be with you.
42 "And I give unto you a commandment that ye shall do these things,
43 And if ye shall always do these things, blessed are ye, for ye are built upon My Rock;
44 But whoso among you shall do more or less than these are not built upon My Rock, but are built upon a sandy foundation;
45 And when the rain descends and the floods come and the winds blow and beat upon them, they shall fall, And the gates of hell are already open to receive them.


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