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Passage: Ether 6:62 - Ether 6:82

62 And it came to pass that Shiz did pursue Coriantumr eastward, even to the borders by the seashore, And there he gave battle unto Shiz for the space of three days;
63 And so terrible was the destruction among the armies of Shiz, that the people began to be frightened and began to flee before the armies of Coriantumr;
64 And they fled to the Land of Corihor and swept off the inhabitants before them-all they that would not join them, And they pitched their tents in the Valley of Corihor;
65 And Coriantumr pitched his tents in the Valley of Shurr.
66 Now the Valley of Shurr was near the Hill Comron; Wherefore, Coriantumr did gather his armies together upon the Hill Comron and did sound a trumpet unto the armies of Shiz to invite them forth to battle.
67 And it came to pass that they came forth, but were driven again; And they came the second time, And they were driven again the second time.
68 And it came to pass that they came again the third time, And the battle became exceeding sore.
69 And it came to pass that Shiz smote upon Coriantumr, that he gave him many deep wounds;
70 And Coriantumr, having lost his blood, fainted and was carried away as though he were dead.
71 Now the loss of men, women and children on both sides was so great that Shiz commanded his people that they should not pursue the armies of Coriantumr; Wherefore, they returned to their camp.
72 And it came to pass that when Coriantumr had recovered of his wounds, he began to remember the words which Ether had spoken unto him;
73 He saw that there had been slain by the sword already nearly two millions of his people, And he began to sorrow in his heart; Yea, there had been slain two millions of mighty men, and also their wives and their children;
74 He began to repent of the evil which he had done; He began to remember the words which had been spoken by the mouth of all the prophets, And he saw them, that they were fulfilled thus far, every whit; And his soul mourned and refused to be comforted.
75 And it came to pass that he wrote an epistle unto Shiz, desiring him that he would spare the people, And he would give up the kingdom for the sake of the lives of the people.
76 And it came to pass that when Shiz had received his epistle, he wrote an epistle unto Coriantumr, That if he would give himself up that he might slay him with his own sword, that he would spare the lives of the people.
77 And it came to pass that the people repented not of their iniquity; And the people of Coriantumr were stirred up to anger against the people of Shiz,
78 And the people of Shiz were stirred up to anger against the people of Coriantumr; Wherefore, the people of Shiz did give battle unto the people of Coriantumr,
79 And when Coriantumr saw that he was about to fall, he fled again before the people of Shiz.
80 And it came to pass that he came to the waters of Ripliancum, which, by interpretation, is "large" or "to exceed all"; Wherefore, when they came to these waters, they pitched their tents; And Shiz also pitched his tents near unto them; And therefore, on the morrow they did come to battle.
81 And it came to pass that they fought an exceeding sore battle, In the which Coriantumr was wounded again and he fainted with the loss of blood.
82 And it came to pass that the armies of Coriantumr did press upon the armies of Shiz that they beat them- that they caused them to flee before them; And they did flee southward and did pitch their tents in a place which was called Ogath.


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