40 Characteristics of Godly Men


 ...Verily, verily I say unto you, if all men had been, and were, and ever would be, like unto Moroni, behold, the very powers of hell would have been shaken for ever; yea, the devil would never have power over the hearts of the children of men.

-Alma 21:140

 A scriptural snapshot of spiritual qualities of various men and the values they lived for.


  1. They keep the commandments of God at all times (Alma 5:39)
  1. The revere a covenant made with God as something that must not be broken (Alma 24:68-69)
  1. They are true at all times, in whatsoever thing they are entrusted (Alma 24:76)
  1. They love their wives and children, and are inspired to live for their liberty, happiness, and right to worship (Alma 20:50, Alma 21:41)
  1. They are men of truth (Alma 24:77 )
  1. They are men of soberness (Alma 24:77 )
  1. They walk ‘uprightly’ before God Alma 24:77 )
  1. They are humble and submissive (Alma 5:39)
  1. They will fight for liberty (Alma 24:72)
  1. The good works of Godly men instill assurance in others (Alma 24:13)
  1. Because of their faithfulness in keeping God’s commandments, they are delivered at all times from evil (Alma 22:23)
  1. They will spend their life to maintain the cause of Christians (Alma 21:131)
  1. They desire to be men of perfect understanding (Alma 21:132)
  1. They take no delight in human bloodshed (Alma 21:132Alma 21:139)
  1. They joy in human liberty and freedom (Alma 21:132)
  1. Their hearts swell with thanksgiving to God for the many privileges and blessings he bestows upon his people (Alma 21:133)
  1. They willingly labor for the temporal and spiritual welfare of their people (Alma 21:133)
  1. They are firm in the faith of Christ (Alma 21:134)
  1. They will give their lives to defend their people, country, rights, and religion. (Alma 21:134)
  1. They will never be the one to give an offense, and are sorry to take up arms against others (Alma 21:136), (Alma 21:146)
  1. They know if they are faithful in keeping the commandments of God, that God will prosper them (Alma 21:137)
  1. They glory in doing good, in keeping the commandments, in resisting iniquity (Alma 21:139)
  1. The real ‘wages’ they desire are to have an increase in God’s Spirit in their lives (Mosiah 9:59)
  1. They understand that to do miracles in the name of Christ, they must be entirely cleansed from all iniquity (3 Nephi 4:2)
  1. They know that it is necessary to declare God’s word, so that mankind may have everlasting life. (3 Nephi 2:97)
  1. They delight in mercy (Alma 20:60)
  1. They make peace with their enemies (Alma 20:71)
  1. They even desire that their enemies should have the word of God (3 Nephi 2:86)
  1. Their faith in God’s promise of eternal life out weighs their concern for their imperfect earthly circumstances or hardships (Ether 6:109)
  1. They fast and pray often (Helaman 2:31)
  1. They remember the captivity of their forefathers, and realize that it was always and only God who delivered them (Alma 17:2)
  1. They know that who ever puts their trust in God will be supported in their trials, troubles, and afflictions, and shall be lifted up at the last day (Alma 17:3)
  1. They desire to be born of God, that is to have no desire to continue life in sin (Mosiah 11:186-188)
  1. They desire to take a firm lead in teaching their children the ways of truth (Alma Chapters 171819)
  1. They are diligent in keeping the commandments of God at all times (Alma 17:51)
  1. They seek to be humble, lowly, and meek (Alma 17:66)
  1. They are zealous of doing good works (Alma 17:67)
  1. They try to learn, even in their youth, to keep the commandments of God and cry unto him for all their support (Alma 17:68)
  1. All their doings are unto the Lord (Alma 17:69)
  1. Their thoughts and hearts desires and direct to the Lord, and God, in turn, will direct them for good (Alma 17:69)
  1. They do not boast of their own strength or wisdom; they are not lifted up in pride (Alma 18:14)
  1. They bridle all their passions (Alma 18:15Alma 19:13)
  1. They refrain from idleness (Alma 18:15)
  1. They acknowledge their unworthiness before God at all times (Alma 18:16)
  1. They do not doubt God’s word or promises (Alma 26:56)
  1. They respect the word of their mothers and fathers (Alma 26:561 Nephi 1:1)
  1. They have been Born Again--their hearts have been changed by the Holy Ghost and they have no more disposition to do evil. (Mosiah 3:3)




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